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10 Cool and Funny Instagram Captions When Posting About Your Child’s Birthday

By Jo Tong on April, 28 2020

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Jo Tong

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10 Cool and Funny Instagram Captions When Posting About Your Child’s Birthday

Your little loved ones’ birthday is always a beautiful time that you want to remember. Whether you’re keeping it simple with just a cake and a few family and friends, or making it an extravagant bash, there must be so many moments that you want to capture on camera, and possibly post on your Instagram to share the joy. Here are 10 cool and funny captions that will help convey the magic of the day.


1. Am I old enough now to start lying about my age?

It’s funny when a 1-year-old or a toddler’s picture is posted with this question. We all know that soon enough it is getting real (don’t you take off a year or two of your age? Oh right, me neither…)


2. Happy (child's age) anniversary of the day the world instantly became a better place.

Your baby’s birthday is always a bit emotional, seeing how much they grew and how time flies. It is a perfect time to remember how much they make your life great.

3. I hope this cake is as sweet as I am!

This caption is perfect for an adorable birthday picture, especially with a cake. You can remember the sweetness of the celebration and the birthday treat.


4. Eating my cake and wearing it, too.

Perfect caption if you’re doing a cake smash or if your child is still not a perfectly clean eater, which can be relevant to almost any age.

5. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

A kid’s birthday can be a little unpredictable. If there’s a meltdown, we can at least be humorous about it, take a picture and post it with this caption to guarantee tons of likes.

6. Of course I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this age before!

Your kid is another year older and growing more every day. With a different age comes different TV shows, games, and preferences. Get ready for tons of new experiences and memories.


7. Another year older, another year wiser? I guess we'll see!

Your kid sure is growing up fast. That means they’re learning more and getting smarter every day. This could be especially humorous if you catch them doing something funny that’s definitely not wise, and we all know they do a lot of things like that.

8. You may not remember today, but I'll never forget it.

Your kid might be too young to remember their first few birthdays, but they are definitely memories that will never fade for a parent. 

9. You’re the one unwrapping all the presents today, but you’re the greatest gift I could ever ask for. 

You love love love your kids and you can never say it enough. Your kid’s birthday is not only a celebration for them coming into this world but also for you to have them in your life. 

10. No matter how grown-up you get, I'll always think of you as my sweet little baby.

My mom never hesitates to tell me this, even though I am a grown person. I guess it’s always nice to know someone would always care for you like a child.


For an Instagram worthy party, and to make sure you nail the right pictures for these captions check out our blog about creating instagrammable celebrations. What is your favorite Instagram caption? What is your best caption idea so far? Comment down below to tell us about your favorite birthday memories with your children. 

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