10 Favorite New Year’s Resolutions of Real New-York City Parents

January 7th

We asked real New York mothers and fathers about their New Year’s resolutions as parents. Here are our favorites:

Leave Work at Work

My resolution for this year is to try never to check my emails between 6 and 9 p.m. The computer has my attention all day and now it's my kids turn. (Shawn, Washington Heights)

Quality Couple’s Time

We always try to balance our life and divide the time between work and home. But when the kids finally go to sleep, I usually run back to the computer, and my partner cleans the dishes and prepares lunch boxes for tomorrow. Life is busy, but we have to make sure to clear up more time and go out, or even watch a movie and cuddle with a glass of wine and chocolate. (Lisa, Riverdale)

 Take Advantage of Technology

Finding a balance between work and home is very hard, but there are lots of apps and services that can make my life as a parent easier (shopping delivery services, kids books / clothes subscription, and digital planner for kids birthday parties are good examples). My resolution is to take advantage of these services and use them to save time and energy. (Richard, Staten Island, NY)

Spend Time Together - Alone!

This year I will try to make sure we spend one evening together every week. We will go out, watch a movie in bed, eat a special dinner, it doesn’t really matter - as long as it’s together. (Jon, Greenwich Village)

Go Bilingual

This year I will speak more Spanish with my children. Though both me and my wife are bilingual, we find ourselves speaking English more often than Spanish around the house. We will work on the children’s Spanish through games, songs, and other fun activities. (Miguel, Williamsburg)

Renew my Energy

I resolve to give myself one evening a week to go out and spend time with a friend or myself. My life is always around the needs of others - my boss, my husband, my children. I need to make sure I renew my energy so that I can be the do-it-all mom I want to be. (Sheila, Upper West Side)

Say More "Yes", Say More "No"

I want to try saying "yes" more to spending quality time with the kids and doing things together. At the same time, I also want to learn how to say “no” more often, especially when it comes to arguments such as “I want”, “I need”, “everyonedoesit”. (Shrutney, Queens)

Be the Mother I Want to Be

This year I wish to be more true to myself and to my intuitions, and be the mother I want to be, rather that the mother others expect me to be. I sometimes act in a certain way because everyone else does it, even when I don’t like it. This year I want to be more resilient to peer pressure and in control of my parenthood! (Jordan, Bushwick)

Avoid the “Birthday Drama”

Every year I let the endless birthday party planning get to me. It really stresses me out! But no more. I recently discovered ‘Partify’, a digital kids party planner that is so simple and does 95% of the work I used to do (and the planning service is free!). It also gives me the option to be creative and explore different places and activities than the ones I chose last year. It's easy to get unique ideas for my child's birthday party and quick to book it and get it done. (Lital, Upper East Side)

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