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12 Places In NYC That Offer Free Birthday Deals

By Luwen Qiu on August, 16 2019

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Luwen Qiu

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Celebrating your child’s birthday in NYC can get expensive, but you can still find affordable activities to do by getting rewards from the brands that you’ve spent money on. Partify found twelve places in NYC that offer free birthday deals, from a cupcake to dinner. Read more to find out what they are and how to throw a party on budget.

#1: Barnes & Noble

Some may not have known that Barnes & Noble has a kids’ club that gives many special offers and rewards to its members. Sign up for free and get a discount on the next book or toy you purchase at Barnes & Noble. Not only will you get a reward after you spend a certain amount of money, but your kid will also receive a free cupcake from their café on his/her birthday. You can join the club online or at their store. 


#2: California Pizza Kitchen 

This restaurant offers something called take and bake pizza, which you can pick up if you don’t want to dine in and cook it yourself at home. You can join their rewards program and earn points when you spend money buying their pizzas. The more money you spend, the bigger the prize you will get for your child’s birthday, from a free dessert to entrées such as free birthday pizza. 


#3: Cold Stone

For kids who have summer birthdays, what can be better than getting free ice cream? Cold Stone offers a buy one, get one free coupon to your child on his or her birthday. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for you to receive prizes throughout the year.



#4: Hard Rock Cafe

If your little one is a fan of this music-themed restaurant, signing up for their rewards program would be the best. They have exclusive offers at cafes and rock shop, and you might be able to earn free nights to stay at their hotel. Besides all those benefits, they have annual birthday offers for the program members. Your little one will either get a free entrée or appetizer on his or her birthday.  


#5: IHOP

IHOP is famous for their delicious pancakes and waffles. And signing up will get you a free pancake today and on your birthday. Joining their email list will allow you to receive special offers and members-only news. You can also download their app to reduce wait times when ordering.




#6: American Girl

Your daughter would probably be obsessed with their products if not already. Once you’re in their rewards program, they will prepare a bracelet (it may change) for your daughter on her birthday. Other than that, you will also get early sales alerts, rewards, updates about new products, and bonus benefits. 


#7: Nick Jr. Birthday Club

Kids will enjoy becoming members of Nick Jr. Birthday Club if they love watching cartoons. On their birthdays, they will get a personalized phone call from their favorite cartoon character, popular options including Dora, Spongebob Squarepants, and Peter Rabbit. It’d be a surprise for children to talk with their friends who are usually on TV. Nick Jr. Birthday club also sends out free printables if you’re throwing a DIY birthday party for your child. 


#8: Pinkberry

If your child likes to have lots of flavors and toppings to choose from when ordering frozen desserts, Pinkberry is probably the best place for customizing his or her yogurt. And you can join their rewards program by downloading the Pinkberry mobile app or grabbing a card when visiting their store. The benefits include receiving a free yogurt on your child’s birthday or after every ten purchases and getting e-gifts on your mobile app.




#9: Red Lobster

The best way to satisfy you and your family’s seafood cravings is to sign up for Red Lobster’s rewards program and earn points every time you visit the restaurant. They give you bonus points just for registration, and there will also be special occasion reminders and a surprise birthday offer -- a happy birthday song along with a dessert of your little one’s choice. 


#10: Rita’s

Rita’s legendary Italian ice might be something for your little one to try out. Their desserts are trans-fat free and made with fresh fruits. If your child likes how it tastes, all you need to do is to join their birthday club, and you will receive exclusive offers and a free birthday treat.




#11: Sprinkles Perks

Their tasty little cupcakes would be a fantastic addition to your child’s birthday party, and their loyalty program offers countless benefits to their customers. The more you spend, the more you will earn. Even if you only sign up, that will get you a free cupcake for your child’s birthday.




#12: My Place

If you choose to become a cardholder on My Place’s website, you will immediately get discounts on the clothes and accessories you purchase from them. Once you’re a member, you will receive special offers during your child’s birthday month, including discounts, a chance to win some cash, and exclusive partner perks. 


Enjoy all those benefits by simply signing up! Spend less on your child’s next birthday by earning rewards. 

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