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4 Best Ideas to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Kids

By David Kim on May, 14 2020

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David Kim

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Cinco de Mayo is a great holiday, loved by many and often regarded as the day to drink for adults. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that kids can’t celebrate it. If you want to mention Cinco de Mayo with your family, we have summed up 5 of the best activities that can simply make Cinco de Mayo enjoyable for you and your kids together.

1. Making Non-alcoholic Margaritas


People drink colorful cocktails on the day of Cinco de Mayo, especially yummy, filled with fruits, Margaritas. Then, why not Margarita for our niñas and niños? You can make non-alcoholic Margarita with your kids so that they can satisfy their curiosity about what you are drinking.

Here is an easy kid-friendly margarita recipe in 3 quick steps:

First, put the lime juice, orange juice and agave together in a spouted measuring cup. Pour into a 12-compartment ice cube tray and freeze until it becomes solid for approximately 4 hours and up to overnight.

Second, pour the salt into a small dish. Dip the rims of 2 glasses in water, then dip the rims in the salt to coat.  

Lastly, put the ice cubes, seltzer and frozen juice cubes in a blender and blend it until it becomes smooth and pourable. Pour into the prepared glasses and serve immediately.


2. Crafting Own Maracas


Image: Amy Vowles/SheKnows


Of course, making crafts cannot be left out when thinking about children’s favorite activities to celebrate and mention holidays. Kids will have fun designing and decorating their own marca, showing their creativity. They will also later enjoy shaking it to the sound of joyful holiday music.

The DIY maracas are super easy to make and can be done with everyday items you probably already have at home, What you need are two large paper cups, paintbrush, red, white and green craft paints (if you wish to be loyal to the e colors of Mexico)- or any other paint and decoration accessories you like, dried pinto beans or rice and hot glue gun.

This activity is simple and we are positive it will be enjoyable for  your kiddoes.


3. Cinco de Mayo Bingo Game


Celebrating the holiday is fun, but knowing history is important for your kids’ education. You would be surprised to learn that a great number of people who are celebrating Cinco de Mayo do not exactly know the facts and origins of it. The best way to educate your child about tradition and history is to incorporate the information in a game. 

Make boards with the facts of Cinco de Mayo such as the origin date, the celebration’s origin, what happened, where it is celebrated the most in the US and etc, your kids will get close to what they are celebrating.


4. Making Your Own Tacos


Everyone knows that a fiesta is not enjoyable without great food, and what is better than yummy tacos? 

Of course there are great restaurants and fast food chains for Mexican food like Chipotle, because your kids should put ingredients in a mix and match style into shells, including Pico de gallo, guacamole, chicken, beef and vegetables. Making tacos with your kids can also be a great opportunity to see what ingredients your kids like and dislike in terms of their taste and nutrition balance.

Salsa, tomatoes, cheese, beans, lettuces and more can be prepared easily once you go grocery shopping. Of course, finding out grilled proteins or grilling them also can be done with a variety of seasoning products.  

Now, you have  drinks, food and crafts that are ready for your family’s celebration.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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