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5 Big Gift Ideas for Your Child's Fiver Party

By Amari McKoy on February, 27 2020

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Amari McKoy

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So you’re set on throwing your child a Fiver Party. You’ve checked out our blog and learned how to write the perfect invitations. Partify’s party-planning has all of the details covered, from the venue to the food to the entertainment. So what’s left? Think about it, your guests are on the way with their $5 bills...what are they going towards? That’s right, you still need the Big Gift. 

The present your child will receive as a result of the $5 bills, or the Big Gift, is a very important element of any successful Fiver Party, and we’re here to give you five ideas for great Big Gifts.


1. THAT toy

The toy your child’s always wanted? Yes, THAT toy. Fiver Parties are a great opportunity for them to finally get their hands on it. A few ideas include bikes, Lego kits, or even a new video game:

  • Everyone remembers their favorite bicycle, nothing is as synonymous with the freedom of youth as two wheels and a set of handlebars.
  • LEGO kits are great for children that love to get creative and use their hands, and there are plenty of reasonably priced ones. Fiver Parties give you and your child the chance to splurge, so why not go for one of the larger, more elaborate kits? These can lead to endless hours of fun for your child, their friends, and even yourself. There are plenty of sets to choose from depending on your child’s interests, so check a few of them out. We’ve gathered a few here, one for toddlers and one for bigger kids.

    2. Experiential gift

A trip to the zoo, a night of bowling with a few friends, their favorite artist’s concert, or, our personal favorite, amusement park tickets.These experiential gifts are a great way for your child to spend their Fiver Party money. Exploring exhibits and learning about different animals? Fierce bowling competition with friends? A night of music and dancing or an awesome day of good food, fun games, and crazy rides? Each of these would make an unforgettable Fiver Party present.

3. A new pet

Now this is a special present. Pet’s of course are major responsibilities, and it’s important to understand what your child can and can’t handle. That being said, a new pet is a great Fiver Party Big Gift. While you may not be ready to go for a new puppy, children love pets like fish, hamsters, hedgehogs, and guinea pigs. They’re small, not too hard to take care of, and they’re absolutely adorable.

4. Save

This may not be the most exciting option, but it’s certainly a practical one. It may be hard to think about something like college right now, but a Fiver Party can lead to the beginning of a lucrative savings fund. The opportunity to teach your child how important it is to save money is made much more enjoyable through a Fiver Party.

5. Donate


This might be our favorite gift of them all. Using your Fiver Party as a means of making a donation to a meaningful cause under your child’s name can create a long-lasting impact on not just your child, but their friends, and even their friend’s parents. Being able to tell people that their $5 bills are going to charity is a heartfelt way to make your party one that all of your guests will remember, and choosing the charity can be an educational experience for your child, thinking about a cause they care about and then being able to make a difference,


Like we always say here at Partify, get creative! There are so many possibilities when it comes to Big Gifts, so use these ideas as inspiration, or this Pinterest board for more ideas, and find the perfect gift for you and your child.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know your favorite Big Gift ideas, or let us hear some of your own. We’d love to see what you come up with.


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