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5 Easy DIY Gifts That You Can Make With Your Child

By Sabrina Nie on March, 10 2020

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Sabrina Nie

Average reading time: 5-6 minutes.

The option of giving someone an expensive gift doesn’t compare to crafting your own DIY gift with your time and energy. Time is money, and everyone simply seems to not have enough time, so it is definitely easier to purchase an item, but if you really want to wow the special birthday boy or girl, we believe making something from scratch is the answer. It could also be a great opportunity, when your child is invited to a friend’s birthday, to make the gift together. In turn, it can also be a lesson on how to give back. If your child loves crafts, it is perfect to channel this passion to making personalized items to friends and family. From our Partify experts, here are 5 easy, homemade gift ideas. 


1. Letters for emotions

As human beings, our emotions can take control of us very easily- whether it be being happy, sad, angry, frustrated or even hungry. And the best way to deal with our emotions is having someone relieve us of our feelings, so what better way to do that than writing letters for them? This idea is simple, easy, and not heavy on the wallet. We suggest buying nice stationary paper, or fancy letters from your local crafts store. After you gather your blank letters, it’s best to plan ahead and figure out how many letters you want to complete (we suggest around 10). Write on each envelope, “Open me if you’re feeling… -insert emotion-”. On the inside can be things that can help relieve the person of their emotions, or reinforce them if it’s them being happy for instance. For example, a letter that is “Open me if you’re hungry” can have a gift card for Uber Eats/ Seamless/ Grubhub or a bag of gummy bears. Don’t forget to draw some cute pictures, add stickers and personalize the letters as much as possible.


2. Watermelon Soap 

watermelon soap

Do you know someone who loves watermelon? And soap? How about the mix of them both? A homemade gift of soap is very creative and extremely practical, because we all use soap. Now, if the birthday child is not a fan of watermelon, there are definitely other fruits that can be made or even animal shapes. Soap is extremely easy to make and very trendy and fun, so whoever’s receiving it will have their mind blown. If you want to add a twist to this gift, put a toy inside the soap as a surprise. 

Ingredients you will need: 

- Goat’s Milk Soap Base (can also use Shea Butter Soap or Coconut Soap Base)

- Clear Soap Base

- Silicone Loaf Soap Mold

- Pyrex Measuring Cup

- Green Soap Colorant*

- Red Soap Colorant*

- Watermelon Fragrance Oil

- Poppy Seeds

- 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in a Misting Spray Bottle

Thanks to our friends at Crazy Little Projects for this creative gift idea, check out the full instructions on their site here.


3. Homemade Hobby Horse

Ever heard of a horse made out of a sock? Probably not, but you probably heard of sock monkeys, or a revised version of the idea. Another idea we want to show you is how to create a hobby horse out of a few simple items, all you’ll need is: 

- 1 fluffy sock 

- Filling of some kind 

- Googly eyes 

- Eyelashes

- Glitter foam or felt for ears 

- Hot glue

- Yarn

- Yarn needle 

- Regular needle and thread 

- Feather boa 

- Wooden dowel 

- Beaded necklace 

You’re only a few simple steps closer to creating the best-gift-made-out-of-socks ever. Just click here for the instructions from our friends at Build and Create Home. 


4. Sea glass sun catchers


Has anyone heard of Sun catchers before? Because it’s definitely a new idea for us at Partify. Beside it being new, it really inspired us to share this gem with you all, and hoped that you will use this in your future endeavors, particularly for gifts. All you need are your favorite colored sea glass bead assortments. For the instructions from Rhythms of Play blog, click here


5. Mini Foosball Table


Love playing foosball with your little one? This gift is open to both kids and adults, because once you make this, even you as the parent will be asking your kid when it’s time to play foosball. This DIY is so practical because the struggles of having a huge table in the house is usually an inconvenience, so a small  size one is perfect for the living room or to put in a corner of the child’s room. 

What you’ll need: 

- Shoebox

- Small wooden dowels 

- Clothespins 

- Utility knife

- Sharpie Marker

- Ruler

- Hot glue gun and glue

- Wrapping paper to cover the box

- Spray paint

- Clear tape

- Ping pong balls

The rest is given to us by our friends at U create crafts!

Homemade gifts made from the heart and soul speak wonders about the person who made them (in a good way, of course) and we hope you liked our picks and ideas - and that it got your creative juices going. Have fun designing and crafting, hopefully together with your little artist. For more crafts inspiration check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Much love from the Partify Family.

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