Five Tips on How to Make Sure Your Party is "Instagrammable"


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Tips on how to plan a beautiful kids' party and take amazing photos. Read through our top 5 must-haves so you can take party pictures that will capture the best memories for you and your guests to share.

Nowadays, was your party really a success if it’s not flooding everyone’s social media feeds afterwards? Here are our top five tips on how to ensure your party is Instagram-worthy. Our tips will make sure you know how to plan the most aesthetically-pleasing party that will have everyone reaching for their cameras. 

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1. Have a theme.

If you desire to have an amazingly instagrammed party, you first need to make sure it is absolutely beautiful. Having a specific theme helps you make sure everything matches one another and that, overall, the decor is aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s not nearly enough. Once you choose the theme you can take the extra mile to do some DIY (or purchase) unique items that everyone remembers - for example, an under the sea themed watermelon shark or crab-croissants.

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2. Have a photo booth.

A photobooth is the perfect addition to any party. It immediately catches guests’ eyes, making them want to snap a shot, and more importantly, post that snap! A custom photobooth can come in many forms – from fun props to custom backgrounds for your child’s birthday.


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3. Instagrammable Food

Eye-catching food will make your guests post in an instant. Posting photos of food is a trend that does not seem to be going away. It has exploded in recent years leading to unique and aesthetically pleasing foods to be crucial in making sure your party is Instagram ready. A rainbow layered cake is always a hit because guests are always surprised once you slice the cake. Anything cute like unicorn donuts will also capture your guests attention because of their unique nature.


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4. Create a Party Hashtag

Making a hashtag unique to your party and sharing it with the guests is more than a hint to saying - share my party on social media This hashtag should be used every time you and your guests post about your party. It can be used in Instagram stories and in the caption of posts about your party, making it easy for everyone to find photos from the event under the hashtag. This helps generate buzz on Instagram and allows you to easily view all the photos posted from your party. You can then reward your guests by creating a facebook private album of all the pictures and share it with all of the participants.


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5. Surprise your guests.

If you surprise your party-goers with a special guest or announcement, they will be sure to reach for their phones to document it and break the news on social media. Introducing a special musical act or magician will get everyone excited, and it is a sure way to generate buzz about your party.

Once your party-goers have left and the cake is down to crumbles, what matters most is that you and your family enjoyed your celebration. Remember that getting good pictures is great, but creating a lasting memory is no less significant. Use these tips to help make your party Instagrammble, and remember to have fun along the way.
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Written by: Cassidy Syao. 



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