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5 Unique Kids Party Activity Ideas

By Luwen Qiu on August, 16 2019

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Luwen Qiu

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As kids parties get more and more creative, parents are searching for new and innovative activity ideas. While classic activities never get old, it is undeniable that having some unexpected party activities will make for some memorable experiences. Here we have five unique party ideas for kids birthday parties, including party exercise, workshops and more.   Keep on reading to see what is the most suitable for your little one! 

1. Stretch and Relax with Kids Yoga

Although it is not uncommon to have games of sports at a kids party, not many parents consider yoga as an option. Compared to a competitive ballgame, yoga exercises the inner strength in a more focused and peaceful manner. One might wonder how to organize yoga for a group of kids and most importantly, how to make it entertaining. Luckily, our partners at Karma Kids Yoga have tons of experience hosting kids parties and they provide various options for kids of different ages and interests. Whether your child is one year old or much older, there is a package designed for him or her that includes a team of professional staff. In addition, they can throw a yoga party of any theme, including a circus yoga party, a yoga art party, or even a full-on yoga sleepover party. It is also worth mentioning that most packages come with pizza, juice, set-up and clean-up, saving valuable time for busy parents.

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2. Kick the Party off with Martial arts

For those who are looking for a party exercise that is active and energetic, martial arts are perfect for you. Besides being a physical workout, martial arts strengthen the kids through small challenges and communicate the values of confidence and health. What many probably don’t know is that martial arts range from kickboxing to acrobatics and more. Valor Mixed Martial Arts, is a partner with a family-friendly space and a variety of martial arts classes designed for kids. Not only do they have skilled instructors, they are also very experienced in catering to kids parties. Having the birthday star at the front and center of the activity, they make sure all the kids are having fun by weaving together play time and pizza time. In the end, everyone will leave the party with the knowledge of martial arts and the understanding of their values.

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3. Start Swaying with a Bollywood Dance Workshop

Party activities can be a cultural experience. While many are familiar with Bollywood movies and dances, few consider it when thinking of birthday party activities. Our renowned partners at Ajna Dance, who are popular and have been featured in the media, perform and teach indian dance art based on classical, folk and Bollywood dance styles. In addition to the experienced instructors, Ajna Dance has also curated a Bollywood dance package especially for kids birthday parties. Kids will have the chance to not only learn some dance routines and perform at the end of the party but also be educated about the background of Indian dance and Bollywood. A unique cultural party experience like this will be fun and memorable for all the guests.

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4. Sweeten the Party with a Chocolate Workshop

If you are looking for something unique and yammy, we can also recommend this sweet and artistic chocolate workshop. The talented artist Moran Etstein, who won the silver award for the most innovative product at the 2016 BIG Chocolate Show NYC, founded Drizzle and offers chocolate workshops for a variety of events, including kids birthday parties. Geared towards both kids and adults, Drizzle chocolate workshops introduce all the party guests to the world of modeling chocolate. Both parents and kids will have the opportunity to get in touch with their creative selves by designing and decorating the chocolates. In addition, it can also be considered an educational experience where the party guests learn about the world of chocolates and how to consume them correctly in a fun and delicious way.

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5. Turn Up the Cuteness with Pet Activities

For our little animal lovers, you can never go wrong with a petting zoo! The Art Farm is home to New York City’s indoor petting zoo, where they embrace the philosophy of a relationship between kids and the natural world. A birthday party with The Art Farm is not limited by themes or the choice of animals, there are ten distinct birthday packages for kids of different ages with various themes. In addition to petting animals, various party packages also incorporate traditional party themes such as princesses and knights and other party activities. Whether you are brave enough to have a party with lizards and snakes or you like fuzzy animals, The Art Farm will either host the party or deliver the activity to you.

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