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7 Entertaining Games to Play on Zoom for Kids of All Ages

By Jo Tong on April, 11 2020

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Jo Tong

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7 Entertaining Games to Play on Zoom for Kids of All Ages


Your kids have been at home for a while. They miss their friends and want to talk with new people, or maybe it’s their birthday and their friends are far away. How can you organize a playdate or a birthday party without meeting up in person? We’ve put together some of the best virtual activities that fit toddlers as well as teens. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts are a great way for kids to play online. It’s convenient and safe. All you need is a strong Internet connection, a quiet place to sit, and a phone or computer. Read on to discover the most entertaining games little ones can play in a video conference!

1. Emoji "Follow the Leader"


Emoji “Follow the Leader” is a silly game that is sure to have all the kids laughing by the end. To prepare, blow up your kid’s favorite emojis onto letter-sized paper and print out one of each. Then, during the game, hold them up one at a time and all the other kids have to make that face as fast as they can. Feel free to throw in some more challenging expressions like “rolling on the floor laughing” or “heart eyes!”

2. Guess Who?


This is a guessing game that engages all your guests. Before the playdate, ask each child’s parent to send a few pictures of the kids when they were babies. Shuffle all the photographs into an album and share your screen at the beginning of the game. As you display each photo, all the kids can shout out who they think is in the picture. The person to guess correctly first receives a point. Guess Who? is perfect for competitive children inside. As a bonus, you get to see adorable baby pictures!

3. Mime Songs


Mime Songs combines karaoke, charades, and silent disco into one exciting party game. To play, make sure all participants can locate the “mute” button on their screens. One participant is muted and plays a song of their choice out loud. They can jam out, making sure they mouth the lyrics. However, the rest of the guests don’t hear any sound and try to guess the music playing. For added silliness, the participant could mime the words (like charaes) as he or she mouths them. The first kid to say the right song gets to go next. This game is a great way to turn your Zoom call into a dance party!

4. Categories


Categories gives your kids a chance to think outside the box! To play Categories, the only materials you need are paper and a writing utensil. First, one person writes down a category of items, for example “animals” or “Disney movies.” Then, ask two participants to close their eyes while everyone else reads the category. Allow everyone to call out things that fit the characteristics (like …tiger, giraffe, bird) while the two chosen kids try to guess it according to what the other kids call out. Feel free to be as creative as you want (such as a “things that exist in a Beatles song” category) and tailor the categories to the age group. It’s always entertaining to watch participants try to list fictional characters with red hair or vegan foods!

5. White Board Pictionary


When you’re hosting a playdate or a party over Zoom, take advantage of some of the virtual features the platform has to offer. The whiteboard allows participants to draw on a blank screen with a huge selection of colors. A game that kids can play on the white board is Pictionary. Allow the “artist” paint a masterpiece of his or her own choosing while everyone else tries to guess the picture. The person to guess the most correct wins!

6. Where Am I?


Where Am I? is a bit more active for the participants. Start with everyone’s cameras off. Then, have each child choose a location in their home to sit and turn their cameras back on. The other participants are challenged to use clues in the background to guess where each is sitting. Have fun giving creative Zoom tours of your home with this unique game! For an extra twist on the game, use Zoom’s virtual background feature to transport yourself to another part of the world and challenge your friends to guess where you are.

7. I Spy


Another activity that involves background context clues is I Spy. Put an interesting spin on the classic kids book and describe something you see in the clothing/background of one of the other participants. Try to choose challenging items like an obscure picture or a book. You might even be surprised what others see in your frame!


There’s lots of fun games that kids can play through a video conferencing platform so even if you host an online party - you can include some of these activities for an engaging and memorable session for everyone. Meeting up with friends virtually can lead to an exciting playdate with new activities and possibilities!

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