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8 Tips for a Memorable Virtual Party

By Jo Tong on April, 11 2020

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Jo Tong

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At first glance, a virtual birthday party may seem untraditional, but sometimes this is the best option of all. Meeting on the web instead of in person, it’s definitely a unique approach to your kid’s celebration and we’re here to help you make sure it can still be the best party ever. Remember, it is also convenient, safe, and best of all, mess free! Read on to learn how to throw a memorable virtual party at home for your little one’s birthday.

1. Send out virtual invitations


Virtual invitations are a great way to get creative in preparation for the festivities. These cards can be fancy, like online simulations of opening the envelope, or homemade pictures drawn on the computer. You and your kids can customize your own invitations on websites like Evite and Paperless Post, which offer a variety of options and themes for all ages. Include anything you want your guests to prepare in advance (a greeting, a song etc.). These messages can then be sent out through email or text. For the virtual party, remember to include directions for your virtual meeting room so your guests know where to go.

2. Decorate your house


Although the party is hosted online, you can have fun decorating your surroundings. Let the birthday boy or girl choose a theme to deck out the house with to immerse yourselves in the festivities. A birthday hat and balloons is definitely a must. Feel free to get creative with setting up the party atmosphere - play background music, decorate a birthday “throne” for your child to sit on, and even dress up. Not only will decorating help amp up the cheerful vibes, but it will also get your kids more involved in the party preparations process.

3. Plan a loose schedule


While it’s difficult to predict everything that will happen during a birthday party, it is important to keep a loose schedule of the activities you have planned. This allows you to stay on track and spend appropriate time on games, cake, and presents. For example, begin the party with 15 minutes of chatting while all your guests arrive. Then allot 30-45 minutes for entertainment and 20 for presents and cake + blowing candles ceremony. Making these time limits will also prevent the party from dragging for too long. Finally, remember to transition between activities naturally according to the flow of the party.

4. Plan entertainment that can be done virtually


When hosting a virtual party, entertainment is often the biggest challenge. It is important to plan activities that engage all your guests despite being online - you can check out this blog about games that fit a virtual party. Book your child’s favorite Disney character to make an appearance in the meeting room or watch a private magic show, virtually of course. For more cost-effective options, you can watch a movie by sharing screens or use everyday materials found at home to make crafts. These activities will help all the kids be involved and make your child’s birthday even more special.

5. Get creative with gifts


Gift-giving is another tough challenge during virtual parties. It is important to keep in mind any limitations related to gift-shopping or mail delivery when planning. One common practice is to mail presents to your address for the child of honor to unwrap during the party. If this is not relevant  you can ask each guest to make a present of arts and crafts or a drawing and show it to the camera for the birthday boy or girl to see. This method preserves the element of surprise when unwrapping boxes. Another option if guests are unable to mail or shop for gifts, you can also set up a GoFundMe account to accept donations instead of presents. Asking friends and family to record a birthday video to send to your kid is also an extra special treat. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try out other creative solutions.

6. Check your logistics ahead of time


Another highly important step to remember is to double-check all the technical aspects of your party a day or two before. You don’t want any glitches to get in the way of a great celebration. Make sure your internet connection is stable and that the meeting link works. For the best experience, run through all the games and activities you have planned with a family member. This way, your party will be seamless and enjoyable.

7. Make sure to celebrate throughout the day


Your child’s party doesn’t have to be limited to a few hours; you can celebrate all throughout the special day. To elevate your experience, you and your child of honor can bake the cake together in preparation for the party. Some other ideas include breakfast or gifts in bed so your kid can enjoy them the whole day. As you wind down at night, a movie night can be the perfect way to relax. Find more ideas from this blog about birthday traditions for your family.

8. Have fun and relax!


When the big party rolls around, remember to enjoy the moment with your birthday child. You’ve worked hard to put on an exciting celebration in a unique setting, and you’ve already checked that everything works smoothly. Better yet, there’s no mess of toys or trail of cake crumbs on the floor. Just focus on having a great time on your kid’s special day.

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