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A letter to stressed out moms

By Luwen Qiu on August, 16 2019

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Luwen Qiu

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This is a letter to all the moms out there who are under way too much stress scrambling together kids party ideas and carrying out the whole party planning process themselves. Don’t let mom guilt get to you because you truly don’t have to do it all. And here is what we want you to hear from us.


Dear stressed out moms,

We want to start out by saying we understand. We know that as soon as you read the title, you must be thinking that here comes another article scratching the surface of motherhood. But when it comes to kids party planning, we get the stress and anxiety behind every event. Even the simplest kids party requires researching, negotiating and booking the venue, the entertainment, a caterer, and the list goes on. Not to mention that kids party planning has become increasingly creative and sophisticated now more than ever. And as your kids grow older and have gone to more birthday parties themselves, their expectations grew as well. You want your kids to have the birthday party of their dreams, and you are well aware that the party can be one of the most important social events of the year. The pressure piles on.




You are already doing the best you can


Even with the help of a partner, taking care of a child is a full-time job. Most women nowadays are working “double shifts”, managing a day job at the same time. Under these circumstances, throwing a kids party can seem overwhelming to say the least. But it is important to keep in mind that you need to give yourself credit for being the great mom that you already are. You are more attentive and patient with your kids in everyday life than what you imagined you can be, and you  want to give your 100% when they are sad or when they are happy, an of course for their birthday parties. It is natural that you want your children to have the best of everything, but sometimes you need to give yourself a pat on the back for all the thoughts and energy you put into a kids party.




A happy mom is what your children really need


Nowadays, so much social pressure and expectations are tied to a kid’s birthday party that it is almost impossible not to be stressed out. But we want to remind you that at the end of the day, the birthday is all about your child. And while a big birthday party is a lot of fun, what he or she needs the most is a happy mom. Let’s face it, what your kids will cherish the most are the moments and laughs they shared with you. And don’t forget that emotions are contagious, and kids pick up on small emotional cues way more often than we notice. So if you are too pressured trying to carry out a fancy party for your kids, it might ultimately affect them as well. We know it is hard, but try to put things into perspective and remember that your love and attention are the most important thing  your children need.




It is totally ok to reach out for help


Let’s be real for a second, planning a kids party is not only costly but also time-consuming, and all the talk about how stress is unnecessary is not going to solve your problems one bit. And here are some realistic help we can give you to smooth your party planning process. First, take advantage of the locations available to you. Even in a small apartment, you can find some great tips here on how to host a cozy and creative kids birthday party right at your home. If you are looking to throw a party at the park, our previous blog post goes into  details on how to successfully throw an outdoor party. Second, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a memorable birthday party. Here are 6 practical tips on how to stay on a budget while putting on a great event.


And besides triaging  useful online tips, there are also a lot of great services in place to ease your mind. For instance, Partify is a free one-click online platform that gathers all the vendor information you need for your party and book them for you . Party planning will no longer seem daunting because you will be guided through every decision for your party. So no matter how much pressure you are under right now for planning a kids party, it is truly ok if you are not doing it al and leaving it to party professionals. 


For all the moms out there who are shaking  your heads, take a deep breath and relax for a minute. As long as you shower your kids with love and lots of hugs, that will make your children happier than any party ever will. And when it comes to the challenge of planning a kids party, Partify is always here to help.



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