Affordable Party Ideas in Austin, Texas


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How to spend less but achieve more for your next kids party in Austin? As a digital kids party planning platform, Partify has pooled together expert opinions and tips on how to throw an affordable Austin kids party with vendors that are worth your bucks.


You Only Need to Spend Little (Or Even Nothing) on Venues

Venue can be the biggest item in your budget, but it can also be something you spend very little on. In keeping with the mild and warm weather in Austin, we have gathered for you amazing indoor venues as well as outdoor ones, many of which are free of charge or at a very low price.

If you are looking for a great space with some activities in place, Toybrary is the venue for you. Mainly hosting kids who are 0 to 5 years old, Toybrary has carefully curated their space for kids birthday parties - an indoor back room for having cakes and opening gifts, a designated play area with tons of toys and activities, and an outdoor playground with enough shades to keep everyone cool. Even better, Toybrary offers one of the most affordable prices in Austin when it comes to kids party venues. For a very affordable price,Toybrary provides items such as a happy birthday banner, plasticwares, a drink dispenser and even a foam machine for rent.

In addition, there are also many amazing venues to choose from that are totally free. Many have heard of their mouth watering burgers, but Hat Creek Burgers in fact provides free venues for kids birthday parties as one of the ways to give back to the community. As a business place, Hat Creek Burgers does require three full days’ notice and don’t accept party reservations during times that have high business volume. As for an outdoor party, one of the advice we gave in our 5 tips for outdoor parties blog is that public parks are a great option since they offer large open spaces with impeccable views. In Austin, Zilker Metropolitan Park and Central Market playground and park both serve as perfect choices for outdoor kids parties. Before planning a party using public facilities, we recommend checking with the official city website for reservation requests and rules.



Find a Professional Photographer on Budget  

It is true that with smartphones nowadays, everyone can document a party by themselves, so you can do it yourself and save the cost. But photography doesn’t have to be expensive and at your little one’s birthday party. It is a huge advantage that you can enjoy the moment with him or her. A professional photographer will allow you to completely free your hands during the party and still have quality photos after the event. RQ Photography covers events for two hours at an affordable price, which will deliver high quality and edited photos afterwards.  



Enjoy a Perfect Birthday Cake at a Reasonable Price

The birthday cake is arguably the most important and definitely the most delicious part of the party, and that is why getting the right cake is a top priority. We found two exquisite and affordable bakeries for you that come with various choices for birthday cakes. Upper Crust Bakery is already fairly well-known in Austin with its 28-year history and central location. While many may have grabbed coffee from the bakery, it is worth mentioning that their cakes are also top notch. Their daily cakes, Italian Cream, Chocolate Italian Cream, Mocha Almond and Carrot cake, are available for reservation or picked up in store any time during the day. And they also offer customized decorations and special orders for additional prices. If you are looking for a more homemade feel, then check out Made for Eight, a home bakery in the Northwest Hills of Austin. With a heartwarming family story, Made for Eight delivers beautiful cakes with a personal touch.



What Can Be Better Than Tacos for Everyone


Party food can be tricky sometimes because it is not a full meal, but you also want to keep all your guests happy. But no matter what the theme of your party is, you can never go wrong with tacos. It is both affordable and yummy. Taco Deli caters to all sorts of occasions and offers several different combos that are suitable for your needs - breakfast tacos, lunch buffet and lunch a la carte. In addition, they offer a 100% gluten free option and accommodate various diets and needs. The best thing about serving tacos is that every guest will have his or her chance to build the taco of their preference, and it won’t be too much of a challenge satisfying the eating habits of all guests. 



Throwing a memorable party for your little one doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, and with these affordable Austin vendors, you can carry out a great birthday party on budget. Whether you are looking to book the vendors mentioned here or explore more vendors around your neighborhood in the Austin area, fill out our free questionnaire at and get a list of vendors that will be perfect for your party.

Written by: Luwen Qiu.

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