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6 Tips For Planning A Kids’ Party On Budget

Average reading time: 7-8 minutes.

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Meet The Vendor: Jam with Jamie


Jam with Jamie - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Music show and..

Meet the Vendor: Alona Cohen


What do I do? Document life events through photography.



5 Experts’ Tips for DIY Kids Birthday Parties

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Benefits of Celebrating Your Child’s Half Birthday

Celebrating a half birthday may seem unnecessary to some, but if you have..

Meet The Vendor: Gina Bohorquez


Gina Bohorquez - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Face painting,..

The Blog that Any Parent Planning a Child's Birthday Party Must Read!

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Meet The Vendor:    U and M.E


U and M.E - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Music show and sing..

Meet The Vendor: Looney Louie

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Why Partify?

Remember how we used to celebrate our birthdays when we were young? things..

What is Partify?

 After you answer just a few short questions, Partify sends you a FREE..

Making Your Child’s Birthday Party Stand Out on Thanksgiving

Many will argue that Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful times of the..