Benefits of Celebrating Your Child’s Half Birthday


Celebrating a half birthday may seem unnecessary to some, but if you have children whose birthday falls close to the holiday season, a half birthday party is a way to make sure they have a celebration that’s focused on them and doesn’t require a Santa theme. At Partify, we strongly believe that your kid’s birthday party should be special, so we’re providing you with a list of our top benefits of celebrating half birthdays in your home.

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Sprinkle them with attention.

If your child’s birthday falls close to the winter holidays or any other major holiday that may steal their shine or during the summer when everyone is on vacation, a half birthday is a fabulous way to make them feel special. Let them be the center of attention on their special day – it beats sharing the party with a jolly bearded man in a red suit. By giving them their own celebration, it allows you and the guests to focus on the excitement buzzing around the birthday boy or girl.

Parties are better with friends.

It’s hard to expect a large crowd for a birthday party during the summer or around the holiday season when so many friends and family members travel. Ensure the more the merrier by throwing a half birthday celebration during the fall or spring when school friends and near and far family can add your event to their calendars. Your child will feel extra special when surrounded by a room full of those who care about them.


Celebrate with outdoor activities.

One of the best parts of having a half birthday party in the spring are the fun, outdoor activities you can arrange. Break the group up into teams and have them work up an appetite for the yummy treats that are to come. With the warm weather accompanying the special day, you can incorporate pool or water activities and rent an outdoor bounce house or playset. Sending the kids outside also gives the adults some time to catch up or prepare for the next phase of the birthday party.

More cake, please.

Who needs an extra excuse for cake? We do! A half birthday party is just another way to indulge in your kid’s favorite birthday cake. Whether a tiered cake is your main attraction or you prefer to layer cupcakes among your candy bar display, you can be sure the cake will be the sweetest part of the day. Do you enjoy baking your own birthday cakes? Check out these yummy homemade birthday cake recipes you can try next time.


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