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Best Experience Gifts for Kids

By Natalie Wong on August, 1 2019

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Natalie Wong

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Staring at all the toys that you’ve bought for your little one, you’re probably wondering what gifts are special but not taking up any more space in your house. And what can be better than giving memories? Read more to find out all kinds of experience gift you can give your child, whether you want it to be fun or educational.

Experience Gifts “For Having Fun”: 

Giving an experience gift can be an opportunity to let your little one relax and have a good time. If your child can’t take his eyes off the billboard of the local water park or zoo, it might be a good idea to give him memberships or annual passes to those places. Not only your child can go to the parks when there are fewer tourists, he can also go on his favorite ride multiple times without worrying about missing out on other things. Other similar options are passes to Disneyland or Disney World, aquarium, local or national state park, botanical garden, and factory tour.

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Turning your child’s interests into experience gifts would be a fantastic choice. For example, an amazing present for a young music lover will be symphony subscriptions or a ticket to the concert of his favorite band. If your kid gets excited every time he sees a particular sports team appear on TV, a ticket to the team’s game will be a nice surprise. Your child may also love children’s theater season passes or Broadway show tickets if he likes watching musicals or plays.  

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Though not every child is into sports or music, you can still think about their hobbies and take their regular experience up a notch. For kids who like playing video games at home, taking them to the virtual reality game center can bring extra excitement. Trampoline jump and indoor climbing passes are great for children who are athletic. Find your child sitting in front of the TV and watching movies all day? You can buy him movie passes so that he can enjoy the bigger screen and have a better movie theater experience. 

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Experience Gifts For “Educational Purposes”:

Another type of experience gifts is education, and it may bring a long-lasting, positive impact to your child’s life. Whatever subject your child wants to learn more about, you can encourage him or her to do so by signing them up for summer camps or an after school class, which can cover almost every subject from STEM to learning a new language. It would be a great opportunity for your little one to discover where his or her passion lies. 

On the other hand, passes to local museums can also be a fantastic learning experience. Your child can explore the museum freely and study each artifact in detail. It’s an interactive way to learn history and culture since children get to see the real deal rather than just pictures in the textbook. By exposing themselves to artworks, kids will develop their own aesthetic sense. There are also other types of museums that offer unique experiences, such as aviation museum, fire museum, spy museum and ramen museum. 

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Experience Gifts For “Acquiring Skills”:

Learning some new skills can be enjoyable especially when your child is already interested in doing so. Remember a time when your little one becomes jealous of the ballet dancers or the pianists they saw. Let them try it themselves, by signing them up for classes which will allow them to pursue their passions. It’s also worth it just for the pleasure. Other possibilities include cooking class, drawing class, pottery making class, swim lessons, horseback riding lesson, indoor skydiving class, yoga class, archery class, and ice skating class. There is even outdoor wilderness and nature survival course for kids if you want to make this gift unique. This can be a chance to teach your child to be responsible for his learning. And speaking of being responsible, giving flower or herb seeds to kids is another great way to let them learn how to look after something. 

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Experience Gifts For “Something New”:

One of the best ways to give experience is trying out something new. You can do that by taking your child to another country, or just a place that he has never been. Visiting a foreign country can widen children’s horizons. A farm stay can be pleasant if your kid enjoys playing with animals. As for those who love water parks, staying at the Great Wolf Lodge for several days would be relaxing and fun. 

If you’d rather stay in town, there are also opportunities for doing something new. A hot air balloon ride or helicopter ride will be an unforgettable experience. Looking for experiences that are more down to earth? The miniature golf adventure is a go-to. 

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