Best Gifts for Five-Year-Olds

By Erica Lim on March, 6 2020

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Erica Lim

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Age five is a critical age in which children develop high cognitive functions and advanced motor skills. It’s an imperative time in their life to get the best tools and attention to ensure healthy development. Use our gift guide, curated by our team of experts, to shop this selection of toys, books, and crafts that will make the best gifts for a five-year-old.


Age Numbers-1  Micro Kickboard Scooter

1-6This high-quality, smooth-gliding micro scooter is the perfect gift for the five-year-old in your life. It comes in a variety of colors, ranging from lime green to fuschia pink and will serve the child from age 5 till age 12 thanks to the adjustable height of the handlebar. Each part is easily replaceable, and the quality of the wheels assures smooth glide on any pavement . Scooters like this help develop a child’s motor skills and physical functions. Encourage the child to spend more time outside with this awesome gift.

Age Numbers2 Crayola 140 Count Art Set


This 140 Count Art Set by Crayola is the perfect way to encourage creativity with a little artist. This set is easily transportable, non-toxic and washable - and will keep the art supplies organized at the house. Let him or her experiment with different colors and materials to inspire new creations, including crayons, pencils, markers and large paper sheets. 

Age Numbers3Brackitz Pulley Set for Kids


The best way for a child to learn is through play. According to experts, this toy is great for encouraging early STEM skills by laying down the foundations of science and engineering. There are virtually endless possibilities with what your child can build with this set, enabling kids to work on problem-solving skills and new ways of thinking while building complex structures. Each piece is large and easy to assemble, making it safe for a five-year-old.

Age Numbers4

Hasbro Connect Four Game

4-7Games are a great way for the family to spend time together, and Connect Four is a true classic both parents and kids love. It is not only interactive, but also encourages critical thinking. By age five, a child will be able to understand the rules of this game and think ahead for their next move, playing with their peers as well as family members.

Age Numbers5

Room on the Broom Book


Encourage your child’s curious mind with books that challenge and question norms. Books help children think outside the box and this one is no exception. Julia Donaldson’s Room on the Broom is a favorite of many kids and parents. Follow the journey of the witch and her friends, traveling on the broom and then saving the witch from the hungry dragon with this exciting tale.

Age Numbers6

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

6-6With this perfect gift for a little athlete the child will have so much fun developing a love of sports by practicing basketball. The hoop is adjustable to the child’s height and can be played with in-doors or out. Basketball helps build social skills, motor skills, and coordination, so cheer on as the little loved one shoots hoops.

Age Numbers7

Crazy Forts


Crazy Forts is one the coolest toys to get a child . They’ll have so much fun creating new structures they can actually go inside of. These forts are durable, portable, and most importantly… created by them! It also helps develop social and problem-solving skills. Crazy Forts is endless play for the entire family. 

Age Numbers8The Night Before Kindergarten


For those five-year-olds with first day jitters about starting Kindergarten, this book by Natasha Wing is here to help. Remind the child that Kindergarten is exciting and nothing to be afraid of with characters any child can relate to. 

Age Numbers9Transformer Car Figure


A remote controlled car is a great gift for any five year old - it is fun to play with and helps them develop fine motor skills. This remote controlled transformer car quickly becomes a robotic figurine with just one click. The cool design and powerful features like sounds, lighting, and rechargeability make it the perfect gift. This toy will encourage the child to play for hours and provides endless fun.

Age Numbers 10Hand Operated Drone

10-2This is a high tech, hand operated drone that is easily moveable with just your hands, no remote required. The child can launch it, guide it’s flight direction, and make it rise higher with just his or her hands. It’s physical, new, and innovative fun for your five year old. This toy can be used as a group party game or fun for the whole family.

We hope you enjoyed this list and consider some of these incredible items to gift your five year old. If you choose to purchase any of these items, please share photos with our Partify community on Facebook. 


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