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Gift Guide for 9 Year Olds: The 10 Best Gifts to Give

By Erica Lim on April, 25 2020

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Erica Lim

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Gift Guide for 9 Year Olds: The 10 Best Gifts to Give

At nine years old, a child is really growing up and ready for big kid toys that are more challenging and creative. Still, you want to ensure that the toys and gifts you purchase are safe and encouraging of healthy habits. Here’s our curated list of best picks to get a nine year old boy or girl of the most trendy and meaningful gifts. These gifts are sure to make both parents and children smile.

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Rainbow Rubber Bands and Beads Loom Set 


Rubber Band Looms have increased in popularity over the years. Kids love creating bracelets and other accessories with these colorful bands - and it really develops the child’s fine motor skills. This set is perfect because it comes with everything the child needs to begin crafting including strong, colorful rubber bands, hook charms, beads, and zipper hooks. Encourage endless creativity with this creative hobby any crafty child will love. 

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Bit Coding Robot 


This pocket-sized bot helps build STEM Skills without a screen through color codes. It responds to commands that your child creates and includes optical sensors and strong LED lights. Encouraging STEM skills from a young age is integral for strong cognitive functions and helps build lifelong skills. This gift sets children up for success through engaging and interactive activity. 

Age Numbers3

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game 

This game, created by logic games industry leaders ThinkFun, helps develop critical skills like spatial reasoning and planning. This is a logic game that also helps build STEM skills and includes over 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert levels. With an easy-to-learn instruction manual, the child can get to their building immediately. It can be a great interactive tool as he or she plays with friends and work together to decipher solutions to the challenges. 

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LEGO Technic WHACK! Toy Stunt Car 


Any child will love being part of the action with this high-speed model car. This LEGO toy car has a robust pull-back motor and sturdy bumper for lasting durability. The child can also create and customize this model with the included accessories. It’s also compatible with all of LEGO’s building sets for hours of play. With hundreds of five star ratings, it’s guaranteed to make children excited to play and spend hours of fun with it. 

Age Numbers5

Elenco Snap Circuits

This snap circuit kit is great for young engineers who want to learn more about electronics. With this set, kids can assemble over 100 different electronic circuit projects with 30 parts. The illustrated instructions are clear and super easy for beginners to follow. Working models that you can make are a photo sensor, a flashing light, an Adjustable-Volume siren and much more. This kit is also a great supplement to any child’s STEM education.

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Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle Bike 

A bicycle is a gift many children dream about, so if you are looking for a gift for a sporty child, or want to encourage a healthier lifestyle - this could be the perfect gift. This freestyle BMX bike is the best bike for beginners to advanced riders. It is high quality and very durable. From streets to dirt, this bike is made to last in any condition. It includes precise brake levers for complete speed control and perfect steering performance. Biking is an excellent way to encourage a child to spend more time outside and can be done with friends or the whole family. This bike is available in a wide range of colors, and don’t forget to supplement it with a helmet too. 

Age Numbers7

         Harry Potter Books 1-3 Illustrated Box Set 


We’re all familiar with the iconic Harry Potter series and age nine is the right time to start encouraging a child to read longer books. Series in particular are great because your child can be engaged in a story line for a long time, identify and care for characters, and become part of a community of fans. Other great series with huge followings include Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games. It is proven that reading provides excellent benefits for healthy child development including use of language, reading comprehension and writing skills. Challenge your child to read at least one book a month and see them unlock their potential! Age Numbers8                        VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch 


This take on Apple’s Watch for children is the perfect accessory for every nine year old. It includes two cameras with which you can take photos and videos that can be made into new watch faces. It helps teach the child how to read time with 55 different, customizable digital and analog faces. With this watch, the child can play interactive games, take on active play challenges facilitated by the watch, track their steps and listen to music. Parents can also put a time limit on play time and even download additional games and content from VTech’s website. It’s also splash and sweat-proof for everyday play and comes in black and camouflage. It’s truly the perfect gift for any big-kid child. 

Age Numbers9

AMKOV Kids Digital Camera 


For any selfie lover or a future photographer, this is the perfect gift. Let your child explore and create with this kid-friendly digital camera that takes stunning 5MP photos and videos. It includes a built-in flash light and wireless sharing capability through bluetooth. This means the child can send the photos and videos they take in seconds. The camera is made with food-grade silicone and is completely safe, shockproof, portable, lightweight, and durable. This is the perfect gift for the young artist.

Age Numbers 10

                                      GO Glam Nail Stamper 

image3-9Parents often disagree on what age is appropriate to allow a child to experiment with different beauty trends, products, or other forms of expression. If the parent allows the child to experiment with nail polishes, they will love this fun and creative DIY set that allows them to stamp on five different nail designs onto their polished fingers. These polishes are made for children, water-based, non-toxic, and completely kid-friendly. Children love the designs this set creates and they can share it with friends at playdates and sleepovers.


These 10 gifts are trendy, fun, and most importantly, safe for a  9 year old to play with. They will make any child feel more grown up as they approach the double digits in age. For more gift ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board on craft presents. You’re sure to find an item your child will treasure for years to come.


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