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Gift Guide for 12 Year Olds: The 10 Best Gifts to Give

By Erica Lim on April, 18 2020

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Erica Lim

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Looking for a gift for a 12 year old boy or girl can be challenging. At 12 years old, a child is now becoming a tween with their own personal style and tastes. It might be tricky to give them something they will absolutely love. Our team of expert mothers have conducted extensive research to make it easier for you and find the best gifts for tweens. Instead of gifting a generic gift card or something they might want to return, check out our list of unique gift ideas that the 12 Year Old in your life will love. 


Age Numbers-1 DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit


For young bakers or just sweets-lovers, this is the perfect creative and tasty gift.

Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. It is sweet and chewy on the outside stuffed with cold, creamy ice cream on the inside, making for a very unique texture. This kit comes with everything needed to make DIY mochi at home including sweet rice flour, variations of flavored powder, a silicone mochi mold, and easy to follow instructions.

Age Numbers2

Gummy Bear Lightsimage4-6

These unique light-up gummy bears will brighten up any space. This rare find will make your 12 year old the envy of all guests and friends that come into their space. These 7” x 3.5”, LED light up bears are activated with a squeeze into their soft, gummy bellies. 

Age Numbers3Wireless Karaoke Mic


Karaoke is one of the most fun activities to do at sleepovers or at family game nights. This bluetooth, wireless microphone makes your child feel like their real-life favorite singer by providing high-quality sound. You can even record sounds and voice on this portable microphone, making it easy to listen back. Best of all, it’s wireless and connected through bluetooth so performers are free to move as they wish. It comes in a range of colors, so you can easily choose your favorite one.

Age Numbers4

Electronic Coin Money Safe


Saving money is an important skill to teach for all children, but age 12 might be the best time to start really instilling these habits. This electronic ATM coin bank helps encourage money saving and effective money management in a fun way. Kids can save the bills and coins they get for chores or as gifts into this password-protected bank. Although small and portable, it’s very life-like, giving your child the feeling that he or she is really saving and depositing into an ATM.

Age Numbers5

Dear Future Me Journal Scrapbook


This guided reflection journal is a deeply thoughtful and personal guided journaling practice that encourages your child to think about the best moments in his or her life and plan for the future. At age 12, your child will likely have thought about these things so writing them down in a visual way is the best way for them to stay clear on what they envision. This journal asks questions like what their best memories are, what important events are happening around them today, and what they want to see happen in five years. Lastly, introspection and journaling are also great habits to instill at a young age.

Age Numbers6

Instax Mini Instant Camera


This polaroid-style instant camera prints out photos in just a few seconds. It includes refill film for endless fun. We’re moving towards a more visual culture everyday and many young people credit their visual creativity to their love of taking photos from a young age. These cameras come in a variety of colors and include several different modes of lighting/exposure, ensuring that your child will be able to capture the moment wherever he or she goes.

Age Numbers7

Instant Camera Printer



Another great option is this Canon Instant Printer Camera. It comes in three colors and is perfect for encouraging your 12 year old’s creative vision. When he or she is out with friends and family, they can capture the great moments and cherish these photos forever. It’s slim,  easily portable, and even includes a small selfie mirror. The refillable film requires no ink and is resistant to water damage and smudges.

Age Numbers8Hydroflask Water Bottle


Hydroflask Water bottles have surged in popularity thanks trends like VSCO girls. In addition to being a staple in these trendy kits, this water bottle is very high-quality, durable, and useful. It comes in such a wide range of colors and is personalizable with markers and stickers. It’s a necessity for school, outdoor activities, and it’s much better for the environment.

Age Numbers9OtterBox Phone Case


According to recent studies, most children in the United States get their first phones between the ages of 8-10. If your child has a smartphone, Otterbox is the go-to and most trusted phone case to protect your child’s phone from damages and scratches. We know that children are always on the go and accidents happen. Ensure that the technology your child owns is well-protected with a reliable phone case.

Age Numbers 10Ugg Slippers


These cozy slippers by Ugg are the best gift to keep your child warm and cozy during the winter months. It’s easy to slip on and off and very durable. It’s 100% leather and soft wool lining, ensuring that your child will be covered wherever they go in the cold. 

With these tween gift ideas, you’ll be able to find a present that your 12 year old will love. These items not only look cool, but can be used by the child in his or her daily life. For more gift ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board on experience presents. They’re sure to make any tween birthday extra special.


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