Celebrating Your Child’s Winter Birthday Party


What do you do when your kid’s birthday falls during the winter months? You may be dreaming of a pool party or a day at the amusement park, but if you’re planning to embrace the cold (and potentially snowy) season, we’ve got some tips and ideas for making it a birthday party your child will never forget.

5 Yummy Treats to Serve

  • Popcorn Grilled Cheese. Serve up something different with this fun take on classic grilled cheese. Adding popcorn gives the sandwiches a crunchy texture and what kid doesn’t love popcorn? Cut the sandwiches into quarters for a great handheld treat!
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Shapes. Running short on time? Who doesn’t love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Put a fun spin on them and match the theme by purchasing cookie cutters to cut them into festive shapes.
  • String Cheese Snowmen. It only takes a couple of markers, ribbon and some construction paper to make some protein-packed cheeses the kids will love! Click here to see how.
  • Sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are loved by all and what makes them so great for parties is you can shape them and decorate them to match any theme. Once you’ve found your favorite sugar cookie recipe, try designing them to be snowflakes, mittens or penguins to fit your kid’s party theme.
  • Cranberry Apple Cider. Bring favorites together by mixing apple, cranberry and orange juices. You can serve it over ice and chop up fresh fruit for garnish, or you can keep the beverage warm by heating it up in the slow cooker with the fruits and some cinnamon sticks.

4 Winter Birthday Activities

  • Ice Skating. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, nothing makes it feel like winter more than an ice skating outing. Rinks make it easy for skaters of all levels to enjoy the ice, so even first timers can join in on the fun. Make sure to be mindful to all the safety rules.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar. Let the kids get creative by dressing their hot chocolate with fun toppings. It’s a yummy way to treat everyone to a warm drink during the coldest time of year.
  • Arts and Crafts. There are plenty of winter-themed crafts you can do with party guests of all ages that require minimal supplies. A cute party craft ensures everyone goes home with something to make the event even more memorable.
  • Snowman ball sort. This is a fun activity that that will help emphasize the party winter theme. For the little ones this could be an incredible game which can occupy them for hours!


3 Winter Party Themes

  • Shimmering Snowflake. Decorate your home or party venue with a variety of snowflakes in different sizes. Accompany the theme with blue and silver sparkle accents and glitter galore! If your child loves Frozen, then it’s a perfect fit. From Anna and Elsa to Olaf, these characters make a fun kids party theme with endless decoration ideas.
  • Arctic Animals. Penguins and polar bears and whales, oh my! Kids love cute animals so why not incorporate some of their favorite arctic creatures? You can even plan for photo opportunities with this standing penguin prop.
  • Rustic Woodland. Take a modern approach by decorating with wood, forest animals and buffalo plaid. A great unisex theme with endless décor options and fun treats like homemade moose munch and s’mores sticks.


2 Games to Play

  • Indoor Snowball Fight. Divide the kids into teams and give each team equal “snowballs” to throw. Once the game starts, set a one-minute timer and let them start throwing. The goal is for them to throw all of their snowballs first and then begin to throw the ones on their side sent from other teams. Once the timer is out, the team with the least number of snowballs wins!
  • Winter Bingo. A number of Etsy retailers sell affordable (and very cute!) bingo game sets themed for the winter months. Gather the kids together and hand each one a bingo card and a handful of bingo “chips” to mark their cards with. Someone will call out various characters or things on the cards and the child who can mark 5 squares in a row and call out “BINGO!” first, wins!

1 Music Playlist

  • Don’t forget the music. With plenty of premade party playlists available on platforms such as Pandora and Spotify, you can keep the tempo upbeat and encourage some dancing. Stream, download or create your own mix to ensure there’s no dead air at your child’s party.

Since this list only covers a small portion of your winter party details, you may need help planning the rest. Contact us today to see how Partify can you plan (for free) the perfect winter birthday party for your child so you can relax and enjoy the fun! Our party planners are located in the New York City and Austin areas, making it easy to bring your child’s dream party to life.

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