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6 Creative & Fun Activities for 4th of July Kids’ Party at Home

By Natalie Wong on June, 25 2019

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Natalie Wong

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What else can parents do to celebrate the 4th of July with their kids besides watching the fireworks and having a cookout? Avoid the crowd and do something fun with your kids at home on Independence Day! Partify has found six activity ideas for a 4th of July kids’ party. 

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Activity #1: Create Your Own 4th Of July T-shirts

Blue, white, and red. This special day is made up of those three colors, so you’d better plan your activities around them as well. A perfect way to do that is to create beautiful Independence Day shirts with your kids (and it’s actually not that hard). 

The patterns on shirts from Amazon are basically stripes and stars. You can easily do that to a white shirt of your own.

Supplies you need:

  1. White T-shirts (here are some online options for kids and adults
  2. Fabric paint & brushes
  3. Scotch tape (attach some tapes to your shirt, paint the shirt and then remove the tapes) 
  4. A paper with star-shaped cutouts 

(This fabric paint store on Amazon actually includes some patterns you can play with in the fabric paint package. Feel free to print them out yourself as well!)

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Activity #2: Decorate Your Lawn or Fences

If you want to make your lawn more patriotic this 4th of July, you can paint some stars on the grass with spray chalk or construction marking paint. Both of them are easy to remove afterwards, so don’t worry if your kids are doing it wrong. You can cut a star out of a paperboard and put it down to spray paint in the middle. Similarly, you can do that to decorate your fences. The entire house will look more colorful within an hour. 

Supplies you need:

  1. Spray chalk or construction marking paint
  2. A paperboard with a star cut out

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.06.15 PM

Activity #3: Making 4th of July Crafts

There are many craft projects or DIY decorations you can do for 4th of July if your child has an artistic spirit. A bandana wreath, for example, is something you can create with your kids without worrying about spilling paint and making a mess. After it’s finished, you can hang it on your front door to show off your patriotic spirit. 

Supplies you need: 

  1. Blue, red and white bandanas (6 of each)
  2. An 18-inch wreath form 

First, you can cut each bandana in half and make sure you have 12 pieces of each color. Then fold one piece of bandana in half and slide it under the wire form with the loop end outside the wreath. Fold tail pieces over wire form and pull through the looped end. Then pull tightly so that knot stays tied and keep tail ends even. You can alternate red and white and then do the full section of blue.

Another idea is to use popsicle sticks to make an American flag. Your child can hold this cute accessory when going out to other places. It will get a lot of attention from kids and parents for sure.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.06.25 PM

Supplies you need: 

  1. Red, white, and blue paint
  2. Popsicle sticks
  3. Painters tape
  4. Thick cardstock
  5. Glue
  6. Rhinestones
  7. Ribbon

First, you can paint the popsicle sticks red and white (two coats will be enough). Then use painter’s tape to create a rectangle for the blue section of the flag and apply 1-2 coats of blue paint. Glue popsicle sticks onto a piece of cardstock (2.75x4) and let it try before the next step. You can add some rhinestone stars to your flag. Then glue the ribbon around a large popsicle (If using hot glue, be careful so that the kids won’t get burned).

Want more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest boards here for more 4th of July craft projects ideas.

Activity #4: Making Delicious 4th of July Desserts

Other than crafts, baking delicious, patriotic desserts with your children is also an option. If you’re throwing a 4th of July kids’ party, they will love those beautiful sweets and can’t get their hands off of them. You’ll also have more fun since you’re not doing it all by yourself. You can make freedom barks within an hour following Delish’s tutorial here. You can also learn how to bake blue and white cookie bars here.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.06.39 PM

Activity #5: Play Games With Your Child 

Whew, time to put down the crafts and desserts and play some games. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a tiny apartment, a tic-tac-toe game with blue and red letters will be relaxing for your family while including Independence Day’s theme. 

Supplies you need: 

  1. White ropes
  2. Large wooden letters (Letter O & Letter X)
  3. Spray paint

You can paint the wooden letters blue and red and place the ropes on the floor to start the game. If your kids are into something more sporty and competitive, try to pull together a balloon dart game for them, while taking blue, white and red balloons and arrange them into a flag shape! The rule is simple -- you win if you poke the balloons by throwing darts.

Supplies you need:

  1. White pegboard, approximately 6′ x 4′
  2. Red, white and blue balloons & darts
  3. Candy & prizes if needed

You can put some candy and small toys inside the balloons for prizes. And then you can blow the balloons up and tie them. You can start at the bottom of the pegboard and take the end of the balloon and thread it through the pegboard. Leave about 5 holes between each balloon and alternate colors if you want to make the whole board like an American flag. It will also become a great photo backdrop before you let the kids destroy this patriotic piece of art. This game takes longer to set up comparing to Tic Tac Toe, but it’s worth it for the fun.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.06.49 PM

Activity #6: Teach Your Children About Independence Day With A Storybook

Another important aspect of celebrating Independence Day is teaching your children about why we need to celebrate it. You can use a book, for example, The 4th of July Story by Alice Dalgliesh introduces the fight for independence and other events that shaped American culture. The stories are engaging and straightforward and can be a simple way to explain to children the significance of the 4th of July.

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