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Exciting Things to Do at an At-Home Birthday Party

By Jo Tong on April, 10 2020

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Jo Tong

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It’s time for your little one’s birthday party and you decided to celebrate at home with the close family. You want to create an extra special celebration, but have limited supplies. How can you throw an amazing event that will top an epic arcade or pool party? Read more to discover fun activities that will ensure a memorable, intimate experience with your family, especially the birthday child.

1. Family Movie Night


Turn your living room into a movie theater and watch a film -- with your kid as the star! Watch never-before-seen home videos of your child growing up. Laugh at embarrassing moments from his or her first steps and relive wild family vacations to the beach. This movie night will not only allow the family to remember great memories, but give your kid undivided attention on their special day. All you need are a device to play the video, a comfortable place to sit, and, of course, the movies! To fully complete the cinematic experience, dim the lights and cook up some buttery popcorn and snacks.

2. Make Your Child King/Queen for a Day


This idea is perfect for your little ones who love princes and princesses. Start their morning with their favorite breakfast in bed, whether it be waffles, fruit, or even cake. Then, let them pick out a few activities they want to do during the day. As your family goes about these activities, your child can wear an actual crown and for the rest of the accessories, remember to be creative. The couch could be your child’s “throne” while watching TV anda rug could be the “royal red carpet.” Feel free to add to the excitement with homemade “royal” treats like chocolate covered strawberries and mini sandwiches. To go the extra mile, the child of honor could even have a royal outfit, crown and all. Regardless, this idea will surely make your little one’s day a grand success.

3. Karaoke Night


If your child loves music, treat him or her to an exhilarating karaoke jam session. This activity is super easy to host in your own living room - all you need is a computer. Find karaoke tracks for all your favorite songs and sing them at the top of your lungs as a group or as a solo. As an added bonus, a family only intimate setting will ease any nerves kids have of singing in front of other people. This family karaoke night is sure to make even the shyest of children feel like a superstar. To further jazz up your jam session, put on a disco ball, connect your computer to a big screen like the TV, hook up a microphone, and bring out some snacks.

4. At-Home Spa


Looking for a relaxing party activity during a particular stressful time? An at-home spa is the perfect way to pamper your child on his or her birthday. Set up a comfy spa chair and put on some soft, calm music. Create your own mani-pedis and facials with supplies from your bathroom for the ultimate spa experience for your kid. In addition, you can allow them to make their own nail polish designs before you paint them.

5. Birthday Interview


What better way to make the birthday child feel special than with a unique birthday interview? This activity gives the person of honor the spotlight as they answer all sorts of questions. We encourage you to be creative with it: feel free to set up a talk show stage, complete with chairs, cameras, and lights. Topics of discussion can include everything from favorite accomplishments to favorite TV shows. This interview will not only allow kids to act like celebrities, but will also make for a cool home movie for safekeeping (if filmed).

6. Birthday Present Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt for birthday presents at home is the perfect celebration idea for adventurous kids. To start, make a list of secret hiding places around the house. Plan out the order of the locations and then write appropriate clues (bonus points if you can make them funny). Then, put everything in place and watch your birthday child go on an indoor adventure. You can also add extra rewards and surprises along the way for discovery. Regardless, a little bit of mystery will make your little one’s birthday presents even more special.

7. Bake/Cook Together


This activity is great for kids who are not afraid to get their hands messy. With your help, your family can work together to create a delicious birthday concoction. Let your child decide on the project and remember to plan it out before starting. During the process, try to leave culinary choices like flavors and extra ingredients up to the birthday boy/girl so they can enjoy the freedom to fully personalize their creation. After completing your project, everyone can sit back and taste the wonderful results of your hard work.

8. Any Age Cake Smash


A cake smash is an exciting activity to elevate your celebration. This idea is popular with one year-olds birthdays, and many parents use this as an opportunity to take colorful pictures, but you can definitely extend it to toddlers and younger kids who would love the chance to go wild. For a smash with minimal mess, try sitting your child on a disposable tablecloth on a flat surface with the cake in front of them. Color-coordinating outfits with the dessert also makes for neat photos. While a cake smash sounds messy, it’s an exhilarating way to get rid of any leftover cake.


With these 8 awesome ideas, you can plan an unforgettable, intimate birthday for your kid. As you implement these recommendations, remember to stay creative, and don’t be afraid to put your own twist on things. You can see more relevant recommendations on this blog about celebrating in a small apartment and this blog about indoor party games. Being at home doesn’t mean your party can’t be out of this world!

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