10 Expert Tips On How To Throw A Perfect Kids Party


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Looking for tips on how to celebrate your child’s next birthday? Partify has them all. Here are 10 expert tips provided by our party professionals who have been to TONS of birthday parties and worked with kids of all ages. 

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1. Don’t Do It All By Yourself 

Many moms tend to plan everything for their kids’ parties all by themselves. They write down a list of things that they need to do and feel accomplished after checking off every single item on it. However, this whole process can be time-consuming and exhausting. When the special day finally comes, moms are still stressing over the details and afraid that something might go wrong. 

One tip for busy moms is to delegate tasks and responsibilities during the planning process. Not only that, but moms should also get a helper or two for the day of the party so that they don’t need to worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards. Partify offers a day of the event helper service if you use our one-click free online tool to plan your next party. 

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2. Let Somebody Else Take the Photos 

Going off of tip#1, another thing that parents like to do is to take pictures throughout the event so that they can have something to remember the party. But sometimes being present for the guests while trying to capture every moment can be demanding. 

Our vendors suggest that parents let somebody else (can be a professional, but can also be an amatuar photographer) do most of the picture taking so that they can relax and celebrate this special day without having the anxiety of getting the best pictures. It’s the fun that matters. 

3. Book An Entertainer So That You Can Take A Break

Keeping the guests and children engaged for a long time can be tiring for the host, especially when the party lasts long. An entertainer can be the perfect solution here since this will add a surprise to the party, and both the host and the guests can enjoy it. 

There are many kinds of entertainers. For the little ones, one of parents’ favorite options is to bring in a musician, such as Jam with Jamie or Karen Valentin. As for the older kids, a magician would be more ideal, such as Lukas Baeskow. Make sure the entertainment at your party is an activity that will get your kids excited. 

One thing to keep in mind is to plan the entertainment at least 15 minutes after the party starts because many might show up late, but not too long so that the kids won’t get restless.

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4. Look For A Photographer Who Knows How To Work With Children

When searching for the right photographer, parents usually focus on prices and portfolios. They sometimes overlook the importance of finding a photographer that makes their children feel comfortable. 

One tip is to talk with the photographer first and ask him or her what they would do if the kids are not cooperating with the picture taking. If the children also have fun interacting with the photographer, the photos will surely look better and more natural because of that. 

5. Create A Distraction-Free Environment For Your Children 

Though this sounds like a tip for doing homework, it actually applies to small children at a party as well. If you book a show for 3 or 4-year-olds, it’s better to hide all the toys and snacks beforehand so that they can sit longer and focus better on the show. Parents should also save the sweets for later so that little kids will be more tuned in when knowing there’s candy coming afterwards. 

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6. Hand Painting Is Better For Toddlers

Many children like to get their faces painted for their birthdays or for special events. Though face painting is a popular activity, children who are less than 4 years old will often start moving, fidgeting or crying in the middle of it and turn the beautiful butterfly on their faces into a mess. Therefore, doing hand painting is more suitable for their ages and attention span. 

7. Don’t Be Stressed About The Perfect Smile 

It’s common that when parents try to get their child to do the perfect pose or smile, they end up losing the moment. The pictures might get a lot of attention on social media, but it’s more important to live for the moment instead of the likes. After all, only those who were actually there are going to remember the party. 

As advised by our professional photographers, parents should simply get their kid’s attention and take pictures. As for family photographs, everybody just need to relax and think about how they care for and connect with one another. The perfect angle may exist, but the most important thing is to capture the loving atmosphere created by the family members together. 

8. Bake For The Party Together

Teach your little ones how to bake will make a fantastic pre-party activity. The children can enjoy the cake or cookies that they help create and learn to be patient. One of our party vendors, Red Velvet, does an amazing job guiding the children through the baking process. This activity will also make them feel more involved in planning the party. It will be less tedious when you have somebody to prepare the food with. If you’re worried about leaving a mess, cookie-painting might be a better option. 

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9. Always Keep Them Busy

This tip that our vendors gave to parents is to fill the party with activities so that the guests will always have something to do. Maybe this sounds a bit difficult, but you don’t necessarily need to book ten shows for one party. All you need to do is prepare some simple games for them to play and come up with back-up plans beforehand. Keep the children occupied will make your party fun and memorable.  

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10. Less Is More 

This tip not only works for fashion, but also a successful kids party. A few decorations that make a “wow” effect can prevent the kids from getting distracted when doing activities. A short list of guests will keep your little ones from feeling overwhelmed by the attention. For toddlers, a party that lasts one hour and a half is perfect if not too long. Think for your child and remember that he or she probably doesn’t need that much to feel happy and loved. 

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Written by: Natalie Wong.

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