5 Father's Day DIY Gift Ideas


Here at Partify, we’re always looking for the coolest ways to celebrate every occasion, and with Father’s Day right around the corner, we know that moms and kids alike are scrambling to put together the best celebration for dad.

DIY gifts are creative, cost-effective, and much more personal than anything you could get from the store. You get not only the experience of giving the gift, but the experience of making it too.

We’ve gathered 5 Father’s Day DIY gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on dad’s face!

1. Father’s Day Cookies

Nothing beats fresh baked cookies. You and your child can make dad’s day a little bit sweeter with Father’s Day sugar cookies. You can use your favorite recipe, but if you’re looking for something new, try a delicious baking kit by NYC Red Velvet. (Use our promo code “Partify” for 15% off!) And to add a cool twist, you can use these perfect Father’s Day cookie cutters.


2. A Unique Father’s Day 6-Pack

What dad doesn’t love an ice cold 6-pack? This Father’s Day 6-Pack is packed full of dad’s favorite treats. Fill 6 clean, dry glass bottles with anything from candy to nuts to snack-mix. To make things extra special, grab some construction paper and have your child decorate the carrier! Stickers, drawings, and family photos make awesome accent pieces. Check out our Father’s Day Pinterest board for some inspiration.


3. A World’s Best Dad Mug

Put a fresh twist on a tried-and-true classic by hand-painting a World’s Best Dad mug. This is a great way to let your child express themselves, and a unique gift that dad will be able to use for years to come. Order a few blank mugs with a painting kit or a few sharpies and get creative! The sky's the limit, and there are endless possibilities with these.


4. A DIY “Designer” Tie

Upgrade Dad’s closet with an awesome DIY tie. These white cotton ties make a great canvas for your child’s inner designer. Fabric markers, tie-dye kits, and puffy paint are great tools to craft your masterpiece.


5. Father’s Day Breakfast-in-Bed

The best way to kick off a great Father’s Day? What about a great Father’s Day breakfast-in-bed! Your child can help you prepare all of dad’s early-morning favorites. Have them take care of some of the simpler tasks, like mixing, gathering ingredients, and of course, taste-testing.


How are you going to spend Father’s Day this year? A dinner at his favorite restaurant? Tickets to that movie he’s been dying to see? Or a cozy night in? Let us know! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share your celebrations!


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