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Fiver Parties -- What do you think?

By Amari McKoy on February, 27 2020

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Amari McKoy

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One of Kids parties hottest topics is, yes, the Fiver Party. If you haven’t heard of them by now, be sure to check out a few of our past blog posts that talk all about what they are, how to write invitations for them, and some of the most important aspects of throwing one. However, there is  a great bit of discussion surrounding this party trend, and while some moms have rejoiced at the cost-effective party format, others are, well, not so fond of Fiver Parties. We’ve talked to our parent community and  dove into the internet to find some of the hottest takes that people can have on the subject, and we even offer a few of our own.

“The idea that I would ask guests at a child's birthday party to contribute to the financial cost of the presents I am buying my child, doesn't sit well with me at all.

I realize the amount tithed from the other families is less than they might otherwise pay for a present. If I wanted to reduce their cost burden, I would have a "no presents please" party. And have done that in the past.”

-anonymous mom

Being one of the most heavily upvoted posts in a recent Fiver Party reddit thread, it’s clear that some people see this style of celebration in a negative light. The author is not looking to deny the objective practicality of a Fiver Party, as she acknowledges the reduction of the cost burden that plagues all parents. She counters, though, by describing a ‘No-Gift’ party. She feels that if cutting your guests’ costs is at the heart of the decision to throw a Fiver Party, you’re undermining your purpose by requesting money in the first place. A very honest, well thought opinion. 


“It's like a GoFundMe for kids. So gross.”



“Tacky tacky tacky.”



With something as polarizing as a Fiver Party, you’re bound to have opinions on the far end of the thought-spectrum. As much as we may love them, there are plenty of moms out there that simply cannot stand them. You can’t please everyone, but we’ve shared a few tips on how to write your Fiver Party invitations in such a way that you avoid coming off as tacky or rude.

“I love the idea and really wanted to do it for my sons second birthday party (he did not and does not need more toys!) but I skipped it because I felt so overly paranoid about other parents thinking that I was being greedy or something :(

I hope it keeps catching on, I hope to one day reclaim at least a piece of my living room that is currently being occupied by toys.”



We certainly feel her pain. That piece of living room dedicated to toy storage is all too familiar. What we can’t help but wonder though, is how many mothers are caught in that crossroads of wanting to throw a Fiver Party, but struggling to make it over the hump. We encourage you to go with your gut. If you feel that a Fiver Party isn’t right for you, that’s more than okay. There are plenty of ways to throw awesome traditional birthday parties. If you’re looking for a way to switch things up, then a Fiver Party might be the perfect choice.


“...I just went to a party yesterday and spent $20 on a 5yo. So I'd be pleased to see [a Fiver Party]. I personally think it would be cooler if the child gets to go to the toy store and pick one big item rather than the $5 going to an item the parents already bought. Idk. There's something off about contributing to the child's parent's present, but in my mind, it's different if the kid is the actual shopper getting the gifts and using the cash to buy a gift.”


This is another nuance that we feel is important to consider: You don’t want to leave your guests with a potentially sour taste in their mouths by leaving them in the dark as to where exactly their money is going, or what exactly it’s going to. While we at Partify are big fans of the Big Gift, we’re even bigger fans of communication. It’s always better to let your guests know what you have planned. If for no other reason, wouldn’t you want the same in return? The Kid Shopper approach is also a great idea that you can add to your next Fiver Party.


We would love to know your opinions, moms. What do you think? Is a fiver party something you want to implement into your next party? It’s a topic debated by moms all over the globe and now it’s your turn to make a difference in this discussion. Do you think a Fiver Party should be a part of the controversy?


We want to make sure that you have a complete view of Fiver Parties and how they’re perceived by moms across the country. Keep in mind that what matters the most is your own opinion, and we encourage you to share it with us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and let us know in the comments what you really think of Fiver Parties.


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