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Natalie Wong

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If you’re throwing a Halloween kids party this year, you’re probably looking for some fun Halloween games, DIY Halloween crafts and other Halloween activities to engage the kiddos. In this blog, we have done the work for you - here are five Halloween activities you can do with your little ones to make this Halloween party more memorable.

Activity#1 Make Spooky Halloween Decorations


Making spooky Halloween decorations will bring a lot of fun because your child gets to see how his crafts scare the party guests. One project can be making a bat chandelier to decorate your living room. 

Supplies you need:

  1. 3 different sizes of quilting hoops
  2. Paper bats
  3. Black paint
  4. Black string or twine
  5. Scissors and hot glue

First, you need to paint your loops black. After your loops become dry, use the black twine and connect the loops to each other, starting from the largest to the smallest. You can cut some black strings in different lengths and attach them to the black paper bats using hot glue, and you also need to glue those strings to the loops. Once this is finished, you can attach the loops around a lamp to make it a chandelier. You can also glue or pin the paper bats to the wall if you want your house to look more spooky. 

There are many other DIY Halloween decorations that you can create with your children, such as ghost balloons or spooky milk gallons. Check out our Pinterest board here for more Halloween crafts ideas. 

Activity#2:  Pumpkin Balloons Game 


It’s time for something a bit more sporty. You can buy a bunch of orange balloons and arrange them into the shape of a pumpkin. The kids can either play darts to poke the balloons or stomp them. Besides putting small prizes such as candy inside the balloons, you can hide a key or an object in one of the balloons, and whoever finds the thing will get a special gift. This will be an amazing outdoor activity. If you’re doing this in your house or apartment, make sure to provide enough space for this activity so that the children can play safely. 

Supplies you need:

  1. Orange balloons
  2. White pegboard, approximately 6′ x 4′ (take the end of the balloon and thread it through the pegboard) 
  3. Darts 
  4. Candy & prizes if needed

Activity #3: Halloween Face Painting


Getting their faces painted for Halloween will be perfect if the kids are doing trick or treat. As for toddlers, doing hand painting will be more suitable since it is shorter and they can see what is happening while they are being painted. You can either hire a face painter or paint their faces yourself. If you choose to DIY, those colorful crayons are probably easier to use than paint brushes. A spider’s web or stitches will come out just fine even if you consider yourself an inexperienced artist. 

Get your party a professional will also be a fantastic option. At Partify, we have many highly recommended face painters. For example, Gina Bohorquez, who not only draws beautiful patterns, but is also able to communicate with kids in a friendly and patient manner. We’re sure she will be a great addition to your next Halloween party.

Activity #4: Halloween Scavenger Hunt 


Put together a Halloween Scavenger Hunt seems like a lot of work, but it is actually quite easy to arrange. You can get a skeleton or two with movable joints and separate it into different body parts. Then hide all the pieces around your house or backyard. After you finish the preparation, split the children into different teams and send them to find the bones. The first team that puts together a complete skeleton wins.

Activity #5: Halloween Bean Bag Toss


A Halloween bean bag toss will be an entertaining indoor game. The children can team up and compete with one another for prizes. And don’t forget to put a foul line before the game starts. 

Supplies you need:

  1. Cardboard box or pumpkin
  2. Exacto knife
  3. Marker 
  4. Yardstick
  5. Bean bags 
  6. Orange papers 

First, you need to lay the cardboard box on its side and use a yardstick and marker to draw a line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of the box. Then do the same thing to the other side of the box and use the exacto knife to cut the box according to the lines. You can keep the triangle part and throw the rest away. Once you have a ramp-shaped box, draw and cut some circles for the bean bag toss. Glue some orange papers around the box to decorate it. If you’re using a pumpkin, you just need to cut some holes in it, and it will be ready. 

We’re sure that those activities will engage your kiddos to the holiday atmosphere and will make your Halloween party unforgettable. 

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