How to Plan a 100-Day Party for Your Kids


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Nowadays, when it comes to throwing kids parties, there are a lot more choices and ideas besides regular birthday parties. In the past, we had touched on the idea and benefits of celebrating your kid’s half birthday. And today, we would like to introduce a traditional Chinese celebration of babies, the 100-day party, that is a popular concept in most of east Asia. With the self-explanatory name, the 100-day party takes place when the baby is around three months old for the wish that he/she will live a long and happy life. In this blog post, we will introduce fun traditions and activities for planning a 100-day kids party.

Use Red Decorations for the Party Venue


Traditionally in Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes happiness and celebrations. If you decide to keep with the traditional color scheme, it is important to keep in mind that there are various red decorations for different Chinese celebrations. Remember to distinguish between red decorations used for Lunar New Year, weddings and 100-day parties as the printed words vary. One trick is to generally use red and gold color toned decorations with no words, which will be enough to communicate a festive and joyful sense to your guests. 

On the other hand, as the tradition persists, people are less strict about using the colors red and gold. More parents are getting creative with the color theme and decorations. And now you can easily find classic party balloons for 100-day baby parties on Amazon, with balloons specifically made for boys and girls. A gold “happy 100 days” cake topper will also make a great addition to your party.

Inform Your Guests about the Dress Code and Gifts

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In the case that you are hosting a 100-day baby party of Chinese traditions, there are many things you should negotiate with your guests to make sure they are comfortable with them as cultural customs vary from one place to another. On a Chinese 100-day baby party, it is not considered auspicious to wear black or white clothes. Instead, all the guests and the baby are expected to wear red, indicating good luck and joy. Moreover, gift giving at a 100-day party can be a bit tricky. Traditionally, guests bring red envelopes  filled with cash as gifts to the baby and the parents. But at the same time, many parents are open to regular gifts such as baby clothes or strollers. Although none of the traditions is mandatory, it is better to be mindful, decide on the dress code and gifts beforehand, and inform your guests promptly to avoid any confusion.

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Prepare Longevity Noodles as Party Food

In Chinese culture, 100-day celebration is referred to as “100-year-old celebration”, bearing the good wish that the baby will live a long and happy life, and with this tradition comes “longevity noodles”.  Although longevity noodles are usually for people on their birthdays, since the baby is too young to complete this tradition on a 100-day party, it is custom for all the guests to have some. What is special about longevity noodles is not how you make them but rather how you consume them. Since the noodles suggest the good wishes of a long life, people who eat them should try to use chopsticks to raise them as high as they go. And when you actually eat them, it is best not to bite off the noodles but consume the long noodles in their entirety. Plus, a contest of eating longevity noodles will make a fun and educational party activity!

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Red Eggs in the Goodie Bags

At last, one of the most famous 100-day baby party traditions is giving out red eggs as party favors. Giving back to your guests with red eggs has a long history in China. Not only is it a way to spread the joy of new parents and say thank you to the guests, but in Chinese, the pronunciation of the word egg is the same as birth, representing the arrival of a new life. Although it might look complicated, making red eggs are easy to do at home. Here at our Pinterest board, we have gathered pins on how to make red eggs along with other 100-day party traditions and inspirations. In addition to making the eggs red, it will also be a cute idea to decorate the eggs. Although there are not a lot of resources out there on decorating 100-day eggs, tips for decorating Easter eggs also apply here. On our Easter Crafts board, you’ll find various ways of decoration, including dyeing the eggs with gold splatters, which are perfect for a 100-day party. For those who are not sure about using real boiled eggs because they might spoil, there are some great choices on Amazon for sturdy plastic red eggs. For guests who are not familiar with this tradition, make sure to explain to them the meaning behind red eggs before they think you might have accidentally given them your Easter eggs.


When it comes to the 100-day baby celebration, there are too many traditions to keep track of, and each country in east Asian has their own customs when it comes to this. Don’t worry about keeping up with all of them in the event. As long as you are respectful of the traditions you integrate in your party, it will be a fun and unique experience for the baby as well as the guests.

Written by: Luwen Qiu.

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