How to Write a Fiver Party Invitation


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So you’ve decided that a Fiver Party is perfect for you and your child. Maybe it was the idea of teaching your child the value of a dollar, or maybe you wanted to save your fellow parents the stress of birthday gift shopping. Regardless of what brought you to the decision, here you are, wondering where exactly you ought to start. 

Well, what about the invitations? 


Widely considered the least attractive aspect of planning a Fiver Party, the notion of “asking” your guests for money is one that not too many people find appealing. Fear not, for we at Partify have perfected the Fiver Party invite, and we’ll give you some tips to make sure your invitations are as great as your party!

Traditional birthday party invitations need little more than a date, a time, a location and an RSVP contact. Fiver Parties, however, require all of that and just a bit more. It’s important that your guests are aware of your party’s unique format, as many people are still unfamiliar with the Fiver Party setup. Asking your guests for $5 may feel inappropriate, but there are ways to honestly phrase your invitations such that guests are excited to participate.


First, it’s a good idea to offer a bit of an explanation as to what exactly a Fiver Party is. This can be as brief or as detailed as you’d like it to be, but the key points are that instead of a bunch of toys, each 5 dollar bill goes towards a “Big Gift” for the child. Everyone is contributing to something extra special for their birthday, instead of spending $20 on a toy they might already have, or may not even like.

Next, it’s extremely important to emphasize both expectation, and choice. Just think about it. Letting your guests know that neither you, nor your child, are expecting anything, is a gracious way to introduce the party. Gift-giving in its nature is voluntary, and parents tend to forget this fact. Many people, even when told that no gift is necessary, still feel uncomfortable with showing up empty-handed. Make sure your guests know that if they do choose to bring something, that something, should be no more than a 5 dollar bill. 


Now at this point, your guests will have read about Fiver Parties and how they work, while ultimately seeing why you and your child chose to throw one. They’ll understand the practicality, appreciate the cost efficiency, and feel great about contributing to the “Big Gift.” 

Put together, an invitation may sound something like this…

“...We’re doing something a little different this year. 

We don’t expect our guests to feel like a gift is necessary, but this year we’ll be throwing a Fiver Party for [Johnny]. This means that if you do decide to bring a gift, we ask for nothing beyond a $5 bill. We understand the kind of stress and strain that birthday parties can create, so we hope that this will be a great alternative for all of us. Plus, the money will help [Johnny] buy a [puppy] for [his] birthday!”

Date: Tomorrow

Time: 10:00

Place: My house


We hope to see you there!


A short explanation of what Fiver Parties are, what the money is going towards, all while highlighting your expectations and your guest’s choice. This is all you need to make sure your invites are a success. 

Just keep in mind that what’ll make them their best are your own personal touches. If you’re creating handmade invites, decorate them based on your party’s theme. If you’re sending out emails or texts, there are fun ways to embellish them with different GIFs or birthday emojis. It’s a great opportunity to get creative. The more excited you are about writing the invitations, the more excited your guests will be about reading them. Our Fiver Party board on Pinterest is filled with ideas for you to find some awesome inspiration.

Still not sure about Fiver Parties? This blog post will tell you everything you need to know.

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Written by: Amari McKoy.

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