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Introduction to 3 Partify Premium Services for Kids Birthday Parties

By Luwen Qiu on May, 8 2020

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Luwen Qiu

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For those of you who are familiar with Partify services, you already know that we offer free easy digital party planning services on our website at that allow busy parents to put together customized parties for their kids in no time. To take your party to the next level, we also provide three unique and creative premium services, which will revolutionize traditional party elements such as goodie bags and party favors.



Relieve Your Stress with Our Day-of-Event Helper

Now that you have planned your party with our fast and convenient website, you have already saved yourself from the trouble of negotiating with and coordinating the time of different vendors. But as busy working parents ourselves, we understand how much work it can be on the day of the party if you are coordinating everything. It might be hard to find time to sit down when you are busy running around putting up decorations, running logistics, making sure the table looks good, taking pictures and cleaning up afterwards. Our professional day-of-event helper will be on scene to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Our day-of-event helper is a party expert who will be of assistance at every stage of your party, from set-up to after party clean up. Moreover, the helper also acts as an amateur photographer, documenting precious moments for you and your kids. And all the digital copies will be delivered to you after the event. Most importantly, having a Partify helper means you will have more time and energy to be present with your family and friends and enjoy the party with your child. In a personal story our co-founder Dana Mazia shared about having a day-of-event helper at her son’s birthday party, she highlighted that she was able to spend the entire time of the party right beside her son, sharing this warm memory with him.IMG_8527_polarrimage6-8


Elevate the Taste of Your Party with Partify Surprise Shop

While it is traditional to give out party favors in kids goodie bags, it is often the case that kids who attend parties rarely go home with the toys they want. Here at Partify, we have come up with a creative solution, an adorable stand called Partify Surprise Shop, a table full of unique gifts for kids to choose from.

For people who host the party, the stand provides a tasteful alternative to your traditional party favors, which (by request) can also correspond with the theme of the party. Here is a picture of Partify Surprise Shop from the birthday girl Adi’s animal themed party. All the kids who came to the party had a great time and went home with the soft and fluffy animals they liked the most. It is also worth mentioning that all the parents also enjoy the quality and elegance of the gifts. Parents booking this service mentioned that they feel better when instead of a few small cheap party favors they get to give a gift to the attendants that they will remember and use, while the kids are excited about the option to choose an item like in a store. IMG_9395_polarrIMG_5735_polarr


Surprise Your Guests with Parents Goodie Bags

We at Partify would like to innovate the kids' party experience by focusing on the adult guests at the party. Everyone tries to make sure the kids are having a great time, and that is definitely the purpose of the party, but what is often overlooked at a kids party are the parents who, whether they like it or not, are also participating. Therefore, we have rolled out the premium service of Parents Goodie Bags, which include a gift for the parents and a decorative thank you card. 

Although it is unconventional and unexpected for parents to receive goodie bags at a kids party, this will be a creative way to show your adult guests that their hard work as parents are well-appreciated. When you have both Partify Surprise Shop and Parents Goodie Bags, it is a guarantee that all of your guests will leave the party with a smile on their faces.IMG_7006_polarrimage3-13


Partify has specifically designed these three premium services to cater to busy parents who are looking to plan the best party possible for their kids as well as their guests. With day-of-event helper, you can relieve the work and stress from your shoulders, and Partify surprise shop and parents goodie bags will be the highlight of the party and delightful surprises to the guests. All in all, these services will for sure transform your party into a special event that both you and your guests remember for a long time. 


Have an idea for additional services you would like? Write to us at!

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