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5 Fun Indoor Games for Kids

By Sabrina Nie on March, 23 2020

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Sabrina Nie

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Indoor Party Games for Kids 

It may turn out to be a rainy day or the sun is shining too bright for anyone to want to go out and play tag. Have your young guests stay inside for some of the best games experienced in just the living room or basement floors (you can even make this into the ideal venue, for a small apartment party tips check out this blog). Read more for the best 5 indoor party games that our party experts have curated just for you. 

Activity #1: Follow the Secret Leader


We highly suggest this game because it’s not only fun, but also a great way to calm down all your guests if things are getting too rowdy. Start off by having everyone sit or stand, and pick one child as the guesser. He or she must leave the room because our next step in this game is to choose the secret leader (point out the leader so the guesser won’t overhear). 


Activity #2: Balloon Burst

The guesser may come back into the room, and start the game. The secret leader is to make subtle actions so that everyone else can follow by making the gestures themselves. The goal is to have the guesser determine which party guest is the secret leader by catching them in the act of switching gestures.

Start the music and pop some balloons, because this is about to get hectic. In this game, kids will be dancing to their favorite tunes and throwing around a balloon with a dare on the inside. Balloon Burst is double the fun as it combines both hot potato and musical chairs, but with a twist.

Whenever the music stops, the last person to touch the balloon must pop it open and reveal the challenge that is already placed in the balloon. Here is a list of dares for kids to tackle. 

We suggest preparing around 10-20 balloons beforehand, depending on how many other activities you’re planning on doing.


Activity #3: The Skittle Throw

Make sure to lay out a large blanket and keep the dogs and cats away, for this  sugar-fest activity. This is a party game where the winner takes it all, go big or go home. 

In order to prepare, set up a big towel in front of an open wall. Have all the guests line up one by one for their turn in throwing a skittle onto the wall so that it can fall and land onto the towel. The objective is to have the skittle land as close as the wall as possible, and the colorful skittles are easy indicators of which candy piece is the winner. Be aware that there are no babies around, since small candy can be dangerous for them if they swallow it. 


Activity #4: Hot Potato

One of the more famous games that doubles as a great indoor and outdoor party for little children is hot potato. Have the kids form a circle in an open space — we don’t want anyone bumping into any furniture and hitting their head — and spread a bit out so that no one is touching shoulder to shoulder. 

Firstly, assign who will be the leader, make sure to switch the leader every round so it’s fair, and then start playing. Use a ball, preferably the size of a potato, and toss the ball around from person to person with no specific order. Whenever the leader yells “Hot potato!” whoever was the last person to have the potato must forfeit their spot in the circle.


Activity #5: Human Twister

Everyone has either played Twister or has seen it in movies, you know, the one with the spinner and colorful mat, but how many of you have heard about the Human Twister? Ask the kids to form a circle, facing one another. All of the players then extend their hands inward, grabbing someone else's hands. The goal is for the group to “untangle” themselves without ever letting go of one another's hands. The players may turn, twist, and step over one another as necessary, but they must ultimately work together in order to set themselves free. This game is truly twisted!

If you’ve fully planned out your party already and want more simple games, we suggest these:

  1. Simon Says
  2. Freeze Tag
  3. Hide and Seek 
  4. Treasure Hunt 

If you can’t seem to decide on just one game, know that there is no limit. All these fun games are countless and able to be enjoyed multiple times. Partify experts chose the most practical and exciting games so that your kids can enjoy the best. Happy playing! 

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