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Making Your Child’s Birthday Party Stand Out on Thanksgiving

By Christina Sheridan on November, 19 2018

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Christina Sheridan

Many will argue that Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Copious amounts of food, festive fall décor and being surrounded by those we love make Thanksgiving a time to look forward to year after year. But what happens when your child’s birthday falls on the Thanksgiving holiday? Partify experts say a little extra planning and detail will need to go into making sure your child feels extra special on their big day and not overshadowed by the turkey-filled celebration.

This is how we at Partify would think about a Thanksgiving birthday party for your kid:

Whether you decide to incorporate a seasonal fall theme in your decorations or choose to do something unique for the birthday boy or girl, there are many things you can do to include Thanksgiving traditions while still making your child feel special and celebrated. You can also keep the party fun for the kids (and the adults!) by having some games ready to be played. Try putting a fall twist on some easy-to-play favorites.

Even if you want to serve the traditional Thanksgiving fixings, you may want to prepare some kid-friendly treats that go along with the holiday theme. Kids love food that looks fun to eat and the better the treats are the more they’ll forget they’re sharing their birthday with a national holiday. Don’t forget the cake! Order a cake in advance or make a homemade favorite – avoid putting candles on a store-bought pumpkin pie.

If you plan to mix the birthday bash with the Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget to let your guests know that you’re celebrating the birthday of a very special someone, that way they arrive ready to partake in those festivities rather than putting all of the attention on the bird and savory side dishes. Sprinkles on your cranberry sauce, anyone?

Another options for celebrating your child’s birthday on Thanksgiving is to split the day between the two events. Host the birthday party earlier in the day to allow their friends to come over and enjoy the fun while still leaving them time to get back home to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Then you can focus the second half of the day on your annual traditions. Plan ahead and prep some of your dinner needs early so you can enjoy the birthday party and easily transition into your family dinner.

At Partify, we’re here to make sure every piece of your child’s party is thought out, planned and executed so you can sit back and focus on making memories with your family and friends. From catering to decorations to party favors, we’ve got the details covered (and our service is free!). Visit our website today to start planning your next big event!

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