How to Manage Parenting Stress with Meditation

By Erica Lim on February, 27 2020

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Erica Lim

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Parenting can be crazy and hectic, especially when trying to balance it with a career. From work to kids to errands, everyday can become challenging and stressful when juggling so much at once. The truth is, even the best of parents need breaks to unwind. Despite what many think, parenting experts advise parents to actually put themselves and their well-being first. The idea here is that when we are good and taken care of, we get to be the best versions of ourselves with our families, friends, and at work. We are also better equipped with the tools and mindset to combat challenging moments when they arise.  


Many parents have turn to meditation as a source of grounding and relief from stressful moments. As the notions of self-care have become widely popular and accepted, parents today are looking for new and often untraditional ways of taking care of themselves, both physically and mentally. 

Meditation can seem intimidating at first, especially when considering stereotypical notions of what meditation is; however, it is not that complicated as you might think. The important thing to remember is that having thoughts is natural and inevitable. You don’t need to be in an upright, seated position with your palms up. You can meditate anywhere at any time (for example,  you can do it while laying in bed). The goal is not to clear your mind of thoughts completely, but rather to observe that they are happening. When you are able to observe your thoughts from a state of presence and non-judgement, you can detach yourself from the thought or simply acknowledge it as just a thought. Many report that this act, although challenging at first, has tremendous effect on relieving irrationalities and anxieties.

stress The best and easiest way to get into meditation is through guided meditations. These can be found on meditation apps like Headspace, Simple Habit, and Calm for purchase or free on YouTube (just search guided meditation session). The benefit of guided meditations is that they’re much easier to follow and get into. Rather than sitting in complete silence for your first attempt at meditation, these guided audios/videos make it easier for you to breathe and unwind. Another added benefit is that many of these recordings are tailored for different needs. Whether you’re looking for a meditation practice that is focused solely on managing your breath or immediately alleviate a panic attack, there’s surely a guided meditation practice specific to your needs at that moment. 

Another way to implement this habit is to create time for it and adhere to the schedule. With the unpredictability of parenting, it might be hard to find a consistent time each day to meditate, so carve out time in a way that works for you. Whether you do it daily, every 3 days, or sporadically as needed, try to make a schedule and adhere to it as best as possible. 

Lastly, understand that meditation does not have to be 30 minutes or even 10 minutes. Sessions can be as short as 3 minutes, but powerfully effective. It’s ok if each session isn’t profoundly peaceful or liberating - sometimes, you’ll feel absolutely nothing, and that’s ok too. The most important thing is to commit to making it a habit and part of your wellness routine. It might take time for some to see the benefits of meditation, but millions of people can attest to its effectiveness. A peaceful mind will help you lead a peaceful home.

Always remember to be kind to yourself and try to refrain from judging yourself. As parents, we all do the best we can to take care of ourselves and our family. It’s imperative to find a wellness and self-care routine that works for each of us, in order to not neglect ourselves entirely. Meditation can be a very useful part of that routine to help manage the day when it feels out of our control. 

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