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Sportball US - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Sports activities for the little ones.

Kids Parties Entertainer.

Relevant ages:  3-8.

Location: Austin, TX, NY, CA and AZ.

Alyssa from Sportball Austin TX answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

How did Sportball start working as a birthday party entertainer?  

“Back in 1996 in Toronto Canada Sportball was founded by a married couple who wanted to teach their young boys how to be successful in sports. The idea developed and was researched and proven by occupational therapist at the University of Toronto. Everything we do in class has a meaning, from warm up to catch a ball, and it all relates to child development. We are worldwide company that has centers in New York, 2 in Texas, and other locations.             Sportball started in Austin in 2004. Me and my husband were the first coaches there and after a few years we bought the place. We were asked by parents to run birthday parties so we took our most popular games and tailored it around the birthday boy or girl to make an exciting party".

Tell us about a special birthday party that you did?  

“One birthday that I remember vividly was a Sport-Princess Party. The little girl turned 4 and everything at her birthday was pink. Every game that we’ve played that day was princess related, it was so much fun”.

Indoor Soccer 6-8yrs


What are the most relevant group ages?

Sportball parties can be customized to almost any age, any level of ability, any kind of sport and even any amounts of time. The most recommended age groups are 3-8, though almost any age can enjoy Sportball activity.

Can you share a fun fact about your activity?

While we prefer to do our birthday activity at gyms, fields, back yards etc, we've run birthday parties also in living rooms and even ball rooms!


What are your customers say about you?  

Our customers appreciate how fun the party was for them as well as for their kids! They keep mention that they love watching their kids play while they can be “off duty” and socialized with the other parents. Another bonus is a good night sleep for the kids after the party.

A party tip for our parents?  

No one shows up on time to a party so plan your party’s entertainment at least 15 min after the time it should start.  


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Sportball is a sports activity for your party. We come to your event and provide everything you need for a fun, engaging and energetic celebration! It's awesome sport games and activities and we bring all the equipment and the coaches. Sportball customize the activities especially for your child’s age and personality, they tailor the games around the birthday boy or girl to make an exciting party and personalized party you will enjoy.


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