Meet The Vendor: Lukas Baeskow The Magician





Lukas Baeskow - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do?  Magic tricks for the little ones.

Kids Parties Entertainer.

Relevant ages: 3 and up.

Location: NYC, NY


Lukas answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

How did you start working as a magician?

I first fell in love with magic when I was 7 years old. I received a small magic kit for Christmas with tricks for beginners; since that moment I was hooked. I continued building my repertoire and learning about the art of magic up till now, 15 years later.

Tell us about your first show?

My first show took place at the opening of a friend's dental clinic close to my village back home in Germany. All my friends and family knew back then about my passion for magic, therefore a friend offered me to have my first public show there. She gave me a small table in the corner of her studio and I did my magic show to whoever came to watch. This great opportunity gave me a sense of what show business is all about, which later on I strived to become a part of.



What is your favorite thing as a magician?

My favorite thing as a magician is to see the audience's facial expressions after the illusion worked and surprised them. I love entertaining people, I believe that magic is created when people forget their day to day for a moment and are focused on enjoying  the show.

What is your favorite magic?

My favorite magic is the storytelling magic. I love telling stories - whether they are more complicated stories for my adult audience or funnier stories for the kiddos. While telling my stories I use props and create a moving illusion. My stories are unique and always related to the occasion I’m performing at so each celebration gets a special experience.

Can you share a fun fact about your business?

Since I’m bilingual I can do my show both in English and German, sometimes I include in shows funny stories about cultural differences. In addition I can also bring my furry puppet Rocky, who acts like a live raccoon.



What are your customers saying about you?

Thankfully my customers are happy with the show. They usually say that the magics were well-thought, rehearsed, timed, and age appropriate. They also appreciate that I come on time and that the show is planned together. The parents keep saying that their kids had a great time and ultimately that’s, for me, the most important part.

A tip for our parents who are organizing their kids’ birthday parties?

Booking a magic show does not only enchant your guests and entertain the children - it also gives you (the hosts) a chance to breathe. Many parents tell me they especially appreciate the ‘time off’ that enables them to relax and know everyone are engaged!

Anything else you would love to share?

Magic is all about making everyone happy and believe in wonders. That’s what I am trying to achieve with my work; and so far it’s going pretty well ;)


Lukas Baeskow is a theatre actor, musician, and magician based in New York City. His shows are unique and can be customized according to your party theme in order to create an unforgettable experience for the young guests. The kids are actively engaged throughout the show and enjoy helping Lukas with his tricks.

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