Meet The Vendor: Valentina‘Sweet Art





Valentina‘Sweet Art - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Unique handmade sugar cookies decoration parties for the little ones.

Kids Parties Entertainer

Relevant ages: all ages

Location: Austin, TX

Valentina answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

How did the idea of decorating sugar cookies parties was born?  

The idea of parties by Valentina’Sweet Art was born after realizing how much kids and adults are enjoying to decorate sugar cookies. This fun and unique experience got great feedback in different workshops we’ve hosted and the thought of bringing it to the kids’ event space was inevitable. We thrive being the first and only in Austin to offer this service for kids birthday parties.

Tell us about the first party you did?

Our first cookie party was a very special one for us as cookie decorators, we saw for the first time the joy and laughs it brought to the kiddos and it was amazing! The celebrating parents have told us how their kid bragged about his amazing party and it was super nice to hear. After that party other parents were excited to know more about our business and services, it was really incredible!


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Can you share a fun fact about your activity?

Kiddos can’t have enough of the decorating experience, even once they have done decorating their cookies. Many times after the cookies activity ends the kids continue decorating their friend’s faces or their own, and that is hilarious!

What are the most relevant group ages?

It would be very difficult to point out a certain age as everyone enjoys it so much. The younger kids have a blast from decorating the cookie and eating it and the older once can’t stop laughing at their own masterpieces cookies.

What are your customers say about you?

“My customers really are grateful for the fun their kids were having while celebrating their birthday party. Thankfully, they really appreciate the unique idea of cookie decorating parties and the fun that comes with it. My customers always share with me that they had an amazing experience”.


A party tip for our parents?

I keep telling parents that their kids’ birthday party is a special moment to have fun with your child, they need to try and be as “stress-free” as they can, therefore they need to take others to do the party’s “heavy lifting” and just enjoy the ride - so use Partify!

Anything else you would like to share?

Cookie decorating birthday parties are not only a fun and unique concept, but also a learning experience for your child, through decorating a cookie he or she can explore and learn new areas and to discover new skills.


Valentina‘Sweet Art holds private cookie parties that are one of a kind culinary experience for your kids’ parties. Your kiddos will have a blast, be creative and enjoy a unique activity while developing their imagination and motor skills. We’re sure that Valentina‘Sweet Art will be a great choice for your next kids’ birthday.

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