Meet The Vendor: Valor Mixed Martial Arts Studio





What do I do? Martial Arts activities for the little ones

Kids Parties Venue

Relevant ages: 3 and up (for activity)

Location: Upper West Side, NYC

Shreya Chowdhury, a Program Director at Valor Mixed Martial Arts NYC answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

Can you explain what exactly Valor Mixed Martial Arts is?

“Valor Mixed Martial Arts was created to teach authentic correlating martial arts styles that can challenge students of all ages and abilities while helping them evolve into stronger, more confident people. At Valor we are committed to providing everyone with a fun, safe, and family-oriented environment that accepts all walks of life, skills, and ages”.

How did you start working at Valor Mixed Martial Arts?

“Darryl Phipps, the owner and two time Hall of Famer initially started his martial arts career at a studio for Martial Arts in which he worked for 10 years. After working there, he started personal training clients in the park and at the JCC. Connecting to Valor Studio was the outcome of a fortuitous relationship with a former client, a parent who had introduced him to the studio and in doing so, launched his career with the company.”


Tell us about the birthday parties that you’re doing at your studio?

“Valor Mixed Martial Arts workshop is keeping your children busy and entertained during the party. Valor tailors party packages include an hour of play and a half an hour to serve pizza to the kids, a mini-karate session with a Mr. Phipps & another Black Belt instructor, and a staff member that will ease any rough edges around planning, including set-up and clean-up. The kids will ultimately learn the value of the art itself, understanding that it should only be used for self-defense as a last resort. Moreover, the birthday boy or girl will always be front and center, leading the class, and basking in the glory of their special day. A standard package comes with a base price of $800 and can range up to $1300 with the option to have uniforms, extra time, special themes and more as add-ons. In addition you can also rent our studio per an hourly rate and organize your dream party by yourself”.

What is your favorite martial art activity?

“My favorite martial art is definitely acrobatics. Yes, acrobatics is considered a martial art.  :)”

Can you share a fun fact about your business?

“We are a family here at Valor, a family that began with 300 customers when the company was founded on December 2017 and has only grown since. The company boasts a spacious, well-lit studio on the Upper West Side with competitive pricing for any birthday extravaganza. 

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What are the most relevant group ages?

The relevant ages are 3 years and up.

What are your customers say about you?

“Our customers are excited about the unique draw of Valor for their kids, which is the ability to challenge each child and push her or him to their maximum individual potential while making them want to come back for more training. The parents understand the value in exposing children to a physical activity and  passion: ‘Every student gets individualized guidance and attention directed not only at her or his martial arts techniques - but also helping them become more confident, well-rounded individuals respectful of others”.

Anything else you would love to share?

“Being a part of Valor and allowing us, the team, to be a part of your kiddos’ birthday party is a great opportunity for your child to meet himself or herself as they face a new challenge, in a fun and energetic way.”

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Valor Mixed Martial Arts Studio NYC provides a one of a kind experience and a spaciest place for your kiddos’ birthday party. We’re sure that Valor Mixed Martial Arts Studio will be a great choice for your next party .

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