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Front Page Photography Owned By Jen Harris - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Document life events through photography.


Location: NYC, NY

Jen from Front Page Photography answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

How did you start working as a photographer?  

״I started working as a photographer running two businesses simultaneously while living in Colorado: one was as a wedding photographer and the other was working directly with select private schools, providing student portraits and marketing photography for the schools״.

Tell us about the first special occasion that you photographed?

“The very first special occasion I photographed was a Quinciniera. I was a photography student at the time and was asked by the mother hosting the party to photograph her daughter’s big day. I said yes with trepidation, but it was a great push to jump in head first, and it turned out great! They loved the photos and I loved the experience”.



What is your favorite thing as a photographer?

“My favorite thing as a photographer is the opportunity to capture intimacy and genuine emotion. I think that’s why I enjoy photographing events so much. I get to move through a joyous occasion, with the honor and responsibility of creating a story that truly reflects the spirit of the event”.

What is your favorite photo?

“My favorite photo is a shot of my family, taken by my grandfather at a birthday celebration at the home I grew up in. Most of my family members are in it, unaware of the photo being taken, clearly having a good time, and in a space that represents my childhood”.

Can you share a fun fact about your business?

“I named my business Front Page Photography because Jen Harris is a super common name, and I couldn’t get a domain name under my name!  Turns out there are quite a few Jen Harris photographers out there. The name I came up with is based on the style of my photography being documentary. The front page story is the most important, and I feel documentary photography of our lives fits that front page space”.




What are your customers say about you?

“Thankfully my clients tell me that they feel like they're reliving the event when they look back through their photos I’ve shot for them, and that I made them feel really comfortable during the session”.

A tip for our parents who takes pictures during their kids’ birthday parties?

“As you may expect, my number one tip is to have someone else (ideally a professional) do most of the picture taking. Your kiddo’s birthday party is so special, so I suggest trying to be present for your child, your guests, and for yourself, instead of worrying about capturing every moment. Handoff the responsibility of pictures and enjoy celebrating your favorite person!”


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Anything else you would love to share?

“I recommend printing your photos! I promise you’ll find it more valuable and satisfying to have your photos with you in your home, to see regularly, touch, flip through and share without a screen”.

Jen Harris
documents your special celebrations through amazing photography. She creatively captures your event in a way that truly tells the story of your day while it enables you to be the best host and focus on celebrating. We are positive she will be a great addition to your kiddos’ party!


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