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Meet The Vendor: Jam with Jamie

By Partify Team on May, 21 2019

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Partify Team


Jam with Jamie - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Music show and sing along songs for the little ones.

Kids Parties Entertainer

Relevant ages: 0-10

Location: NYC, NY

Jamie Kolnick the Founder and CEO of Jam with Jamie answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

Can you tell us about your company?

״Jam with Jamie is a nationwide children’s musical entertainment and education company that I started in 2008. Jam with Jamie specializes in music for ages 0-10 with a core mission to bring music into children’s lives and inspire littles and their adults to find joy in life through song and movement. We are comprised of over 50 talented Broadway bound performers who are trained and ready to bring the JAM to your next party, event, or class. We have worked with Facebook, American Express, Something Navy, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Soho House, Live Nation and the most beautiful families and children. So grateful for the people we have met along this journey״.

How did you start working as an entertainer?  

״I performed my way out of the womb and was immediately up for a Tony! :) Truly, my mother said I sang before I spoke. I performed in musicals throughout my life and majored in Theater at The University of Texas at Austin followed by the big move to NYC to be an actress. As I was auditioning for everything from Chicago to Rent, I started singing at children’s birthday parties on the side. I had been singing songs with children throughout my life and this was a natural route. My weekends got packed quickly running from one birthday party to the next with a fender guitar on my back and a Vera Bradley bag of props and instruments. I was a modern day Bert from Mary Poppins״.

JWJ Music Class


Jam with Jamie Kids

Tell us about the first show you did?

״My first show as an actress was at the age of 8 in Babes in Toyland at a community theater in Miami, Florida, Actor's Playhouse. The stage, the lights, the audience, seeped into my heart quickly and I was addicted from the first bow. It was a very natural progression to continue the path and soon there was a guitar in my hand to accompany the journey. My first show with Jam with Jamie was terrifying. I don’t think I knew the name of my company yet. I was encouraged by my mom who has now passed, to perform at her friends' daughter's birthday party. I came up with my first set, sponged together from the different experiences I had performing with kids thus far and went for it! It was a success in the fact that I showed up, I sang, sweat, danced, and had energy like I have never felt before. It was the most rewarding feeling to create something and keep kids happy and dancing for the whole party”.

What is your favorite thing as a performer?

“My favorite thing as a performer is to engage with children and see the joy that music brings to their hearts. Music is 100% a language. I am so privileged to watch this language be learned from an early age. I know this even more now with two kids of my own, Zach age 3 and Evan age 1. We have dance parties every Friday night in our living room and my son Zach is more likely to perform for me at this point than me for him. The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree!”

unnamed (4)

What kind of instruments do you bring for your shows?

“Our typical performance includes one lead performer on guitar and one assistant vocalist with a tambourine. We also have options to add on a pianist and a drummer. For the children, we bring shakers, scarves, animal puppets, a parachute to dance under and bubbles to pop.”

What are the most relevant ages for the show?

“We have customized shows perfect for ages 0-10 years old”.

What is the audience’ favorite song or activity?

“My audience’ favorite is definitely going under the parachute “where the lions are!”. The favorite song that comes with this activity is “In the Jungle.” All of the children pretend to fall asleep like lions and then ROAR themselves awake and back into dancing mode!”

What do your customers say about you?

״My customers’ feedback is very positive. They say we are great to work with and that they appreciate the fact that we are reliable talented musicians and performers״.



A party tip for our parents?

״I used to say Less is More but then I became a parent and wanted to throw blow out parties for my kids. My friends expect it and call me the birthday party queen which is embarrassing and flattering at the same time. I have planned A LOT of parties and have a tendency to want to do it all by myself, the decor, the food, the entertainment, the invites, the everything. If you are a do-it-yourselfer like me, my advice is to get yourself a party helper or two for the day of the party. I recently totally forgot this and was cleaning up a massive event I created as guests were leaving. “SEND HELP!”

Jam with Jamie is a nationwide children's music entertainment and education performance that specializes in customized birthday parties, events, classes, and playgroups. They offer music session that get everyone up & dancing. Their performance includes musical instruments for everyone to share, bubble to pop, scarves, animal puppets and a parachute to dance under.

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