Meet The Vendor: Karen Valentin



Keren meet the vendor
Karen Valentin- Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Music and face painting for the little ones.

Kids Parties Entertainer

Relevant ages: 1-5

Location: NYC, NY

Karen Valentin answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

How did you start working as an entertainer?  

“I was a stay at home mom when my kids were born. I began doing classes in the park as a way to earn extra income while being able to bring my children along. As they’ve grown older so has my business as an entertainer.”

Tell us about the first show you did?

“During my first year of doing parties, there was one 4 year old girl who was autistic and had sensory issues. She was very focused during the music and then she went over to the chair for me to paint her face. Her parents looked nervous and said she will likely freak out when I touch her face. But she had the biggest and sweetest smile as I painted butterfly wings around her eyes which matched her party dress. It was quite a moving experience for her parents and I, and something I will never forget.״

Karen 2

Can you share a fun fact about your activity?

״If I’m tired before a class or party, the energy of the children never fail to wake me up, and make me feel happy. I absolutely love what I do.״

What are the most relevant group ages?

״It’s hard to chose. I have lots of fun with 2-3 year olds as they are the definitely the most enthusiastic participants. But I also love the babies because not only are they adorable, but they will usually just stare at me, completely mesmerized. Four year olds and up are fun too because they get my jokes and laugh at all of my silliness.״

What do your customers say about you?

״My customers (especially for parties) are always grateful for me bringing joy to the day. As a mom myself, I know how invested us parents are in celebrating these little ones we love so much. And we’re always happy to know the day was a success.״


Karen Valentin has been entertaining children and families for over 15 years. She is a singer/ songwriter and a talented artist. Karen's love for children and passion as a mother has worked its way into each of her gifts; whether it's painting a mural to brighten up a child's room, or writing a song to make her young audience laugh and dance. Karen will sing a variety of children's songs with her guitar, including, original, traditional, folk, silly and movement songs. Children also enjoy parachute fun, stories, bubbles and stamps at the end of the birthday. Her face painting materials are high quality, fast drying, and easily removable, Karen will delight both children and adults with her face painting creations.

We are sure that she will be a great addition to your kiddos’ birthday party!


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