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Meet The Vendor: Red Velvet

By Partify Team on February, 12 2019

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Partify Team


Red Velvet - Agathe Assouline-Lichten - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Create DIY baking kit from start to finish and bringing their confections to your kitchen.

Gourmet Desserts Maker

Location: NYC, NY

Red Velvet provides for Partify customers a fun option to spend quality time with the kids in baking the cake together. It’s a quick and easy baking experience with everything already pre prepared, so you have a fresh, delicious, homemade cake or cupcakes for the party.

Agathe answered our Meet the Vendor questions:
What made you start work on Red Velvet?

“I’ve always been passionate about baking. I love it and it brings me and my friends and family so much joy. I grew up in the gourmet food business, but worked in corporate America in marketing for 10 years before starting the company. As an early adopter of meal kit delivery, when the boom started 5 years ago, I loved having food that I could cook, with new recipes, delivered to my door. I have a major sweet tooth and have always loved to spend time in the kitchen. I thought - why doesn’t anyone roll out this concept for dessert?! I knew there was an easier and better way to bake, and I wanted to innovate what existed on the market”.


Tell us about the first cake you made?

“When I was 12, my sister and I made an anniversary dinner for my parents. We opened the Le Bec Fin cookbook (a famous French Michelin-star restaurant in Philadelphia) and baked Molten Chocolate Cakes for the first time, they were amazing! Those cakes are even on our menu today!”.

Can you share a fun fact about your business?

“We do all our photography on my coffee table in my apartment. It’s very scrappy. I got a piece of marble for $20, and we turn my apartment into a photo studio for a weekend twice a year. It’s fun, plus convenient for me!”





How do you pick the desserts? Where do you get the recipes from?

“We do a LOT of research. We look at trends, tastes, and overall popularity of desserts for the entire year. We look at Pinterest, major food magazines, and do our research online. We look at data from our website and see which kits perform the best, and we go from there. Most of the research is done on a continuous basis, but we plan 6 months ahead of time always”.

What are your customers say about you?

“They LOVE us. We have over 200 5-star reviews that are nothing but positive feedback. We create a great experience that makes baking fun and our customers can recognize that. They keep coming back for more!”



A baking tip for our parents?

“Involve your kids at a young age. 3 or 4 is a great age to start. Baking teaches kids so many valuable skills, from patience, to science, to chemistry, to math and more. It’s a great confidence builder and it gets them away from screens and doing something they can enjoy with others.”

Anything else you would love to share?

“We pack and fulfill each order by hand right here in our Brooklyn NY facility. We oversee all our own operations and love having control over the entire business to ensure quality and consistency.”




Red Velvet NYC is a unique experience of baking with your child! Red Velvet makes gourmet baking fun and easy with DIY baking kits. They pre-measure quality ingredients, share their original recipes, and reveal how to style your confections like a pro. Their Birthday Cake is a moist and colorful confection which includes three kinds of sprinkles for your decorating pleasure, as well as 10 gold candles and a "Happy Birthday" gold cake topper!

 We are positive that Red Velvet’s baking experience will make your kid’s birthday party preparation much more enjoyable and simple!

Take a look at NYC Red Velvet's website HERE (use our promo code “Partify” for 15% off!)

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