Meet The Vendor: Rogue Magic




Rogue Magic - Vendor Spotlight

What do I do? Magic tricks, comedy show and balloons for the little ones.  

Kids Parties Entertainer.

Relevant ages: 4 and up.

Location: NYC, NY

Rogue answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

Tell us about the first show you did?

My very first show was when I was 7 years old. It was for my friends and family. I performed comedy, illusions, mind reading and escapes. I don’t remember much but I do know that everyone had a great time!

Can you share a fun fact about your business?

One of my favorite things about being a magician is giving this gift to others. I have mentored and  taught hundreds if not thousands of people in the art of magic, tons of my students are professional magicians now who make their living by performing and teaching magic.


What is exciting about your birthday parties?

I usually do a little bit of fire magic which is pretty exciting. Another unique aspect is that in my show I use a lot of volunteers from the audience, allowing them to participate and engage with the show, which is very high-energy. It is a mix of illusions with comedy, so you are amazed and amused at the same time!

What are the most relevant group ages?

Anyone from 4-104. I can entertain them all! But most of my shows are for ages 7-16.



What are your customers say about you?

They say I’m very funny, professional and my show has a “wow-effect”. I am excited when they recommend me to their friends and family because then I know they really enjoyed the show!

A tip for our parents?

No sugary foods before the show, the kids are best tuned into the show when they know the candy comes after it.

Anything else you would love to share?

I love what I do and every show is customized to the age group and theme of the party. No show is exactly like the other! I have tons of different routines so no two shows are the same. Even if I have the same birthday child every year, I can do a different show every single time!


Rogue Magic  is a full-time performer and magician who has been performing all over the world as a magician for 30 years. Each one of his shows is unique and can be customized to your kids’ age and party theme. Roger's family show is an interactive performance featuring a mix of music, comedy, flowers, fire, levitation, mind-reading, giveaways and animals. He’s punctual, professional and ensures everyone has a great time!



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