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Meet the Vendor: Zeiba Photography

By Partify Team on April, 16 2019

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Jordyn from Zeiba Photography answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

What do I do? Document life events through photography.


Location: Austin, TX

Jordyn from Zeiba Photography answered our Meet the Vendor questions:

How did you start working as a photographer?  

“I started working as a photographer when I was a senior in high school, I used to do all of my friends' senior portraits, and I absolutely loved it. Then I went to college and I neglected photography  because I was busy with lacrosse, classes and working full time. When I moved to Austin, Texas I knew that I want to pursue proffessional photography again”.

Tell us about the first special occasion that you photographed?

“WhenI I just moved to Austin and decided to pursue a career as a professional photographer, I had to build my portfolio and therefore I started to spread the word that I would love to work and I charge a very low price. This wonderful first-time mother reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in being the photographer at her daughter’s 1st birthday party, and of course I said yes! At  the party I was able to capture all the beautiful moments of her daughter and close family while they were enjoying themselves. The First time that I was blessed to be able to be a part of someone else’s joy, was a truly unique opportunity that I will cherish forever.”

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What is your favorite thing as a photographer?

״My favorite thing as a photographer is being able to capture these beautiful moments that will be cherished forever by friends and family״.

What are your customers say about you?

“One customer testimonial I would love to share is: ‘I am so grateful for Jordyn. She has given me the most beautiful pictures I could ever ask for. These will be cherished for many many years’. Capturing their magical moments is a privilege.”



A tip for our parents who takes pictures during their kids’ birthday parties?

"While Parents are searching for the right photographer they usually look only at the price and quality of the photos but they should look for more - they should check how is the photographer presenting himself or herself to the children and family. When it comes to searching for the right photographer for your children’s birthday party you want a photographer who is going to interact with your guests and have fun during the process. If you have fun and laugh together it definitely shows later in the pictures".

Anything else you would love to share?

"I really enjoy taking pictures at birthday parties. I always prefer to capture people at their natural manner, that’s why birthday parties are so special to me, during the celebrations I can capture the birthday boy or girl or even the families and close friends in unique moments, much more authentic than a posed photo shoot, and I love it!"

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Zeiba Photography is a new Austin photographer who would love to document your special events and the time you spend with family and friends, through amazing photos. She will help you capture the moments that sometimes go unseen with everything that is going on during your celebration. We are sure she will be a great addition to your party! 

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