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Thank you, Mom.

By Sabrina Nie on March, 23 2020

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Sabrina Nie

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Thank you, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers within our Partify community and moms who are reading this blog right now. We want to honor the selflessness, dedication, and love that you give everyday to your kids through this letter of appreciation. We want to make sure you feel you matter, and sometimes you just need to hear this from someone else who has been there before.

“There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.”

Dear Moms, 

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is your well-earned day, and you deserve to enjoy those activities or indulgences that bring you pleasure that usually put you on the backburner. We know you are always thinking about everyone else and taking care of everything - from the small things, like cooking your family a homemade meal, to the large, like teaching your kids right from wrong, and even to those areas in between like party-planning, so today is your day. We would like to thank you for all that you’ve done for your family, and we’re certain they share in this appreciation with us (or will share it in the future). Remind yourself it’s perfectly okay to not play mom for one day. Whether it’s your first Mother’s Day or twentieth, being a mother never seems to get easier and we praise your astounding dedication to always being patient, and loving to your children, putting them at the forefront of your world. 

If you’re looking for ways to spend your special day, whether with children or alone, continue reading below for fun ideas of things to do. 

1. Spa Day

As we all see in the movies, the perfect relaxation day is when one goes to the spa, with the cucumbers on their eyes and feet in the water, so what better way to relax than taking the movie-esque version and even get a massage. Usually spas give discounts if a big group of people attend, so if you want to take the family along it will probably won’t be as expensive as expected. Loosen up and enjoy the day. 


2. Cook together

For an activity that can take place in the comfort of your own home, cooking with your kids is the way to go. Your thoughtful son or daughter may have already brought you eggs and toast in bed this morning (and even if they didn’t, it’s not too late to teach them how to do it for next year), but who is to say you can’t cook a nice dinner or an afternoon dessert? It’s great to spend some quality time together while prepping some homemade food, so here are some quick and simple recipes that are easy to make and can fit family cooking, made by our friends at Delish.


3. Enjoy the outdoors 

While attending a nice event or cooking with your family are viable ways to spend your Mother’s Day, spending quality time with your kids over something as simple as going out for a picnic may bring you a lot of joy. If you’re in NYC, head to Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park with a picnic basket and blanket. If you’re somewhere else, head to a local park, or if you’re lucky enough and the weather permits, the beach.

Thank you, Moms, from the bottom of our hearts. You have nurtured and taught your little one’s, while trying to grow as a person yourself and that’s always a challenge. It takes a lot to still give hope and support when you feel that all goes wrong, and cook your kids food filled with love even when you’re exhausted. Without moms, we wouldn’t have all this overbearing love and happiness in this world, so once again, we thank you for being the moms that you are. 

Happy Mother’s Day <3 ! 


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