Partify Spotlight: Avigail’s Rainbow Birthday Party


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Party at a glance: 

Who: Noa celebrated for her daughter Avigail. 

How old: Five

Location: NYC


What can be more colorful than a rainbow birthday party? Noa shared with us how she celebrated her daughter Avigail’s fifth birthday which revolved around this fascinating theme. Read more to find out how to make your child’s next birthday party filled with colors.

Moving to New York City ten years ago, Noa’s family started an exciting journey in this bustling city. Noa has three little girls, and Avigail is the oldest of them. Unicorns and rainbows always captured Avigail’s attention with their dream-like colors. So, when Avigail turned five, Noa decided to throw her a party where everything looked like rainbows. “I got most of my supplies on Amazon. The rainbow tablecloth and bunting looked amazing!” Noa told us.  

The party was held in a garden behind the building they lived. Noa invited 20 children to come and organized many activities for them to play with colors. One activity was creating necklaces using colorful sand. The kids layered one color of sand on top of another to create patterns for the necklaces. “They liked doing this a lot,” Noa shared with us, “and everyone was comparing each other’s works to see which necklace was the prettiest.”




Noa also prepared color scratch sheets for them on which they could draw anything they want by removing the black on the surface using scratching tools.




After the kids finished those two fun projects, Noa gave out some coloring pages and rainbow stickers. The whole afternoon was about doing rainbow crafts, and each child went home with beautiful artworks they’ve created. 




It was rewarding for Noa to see her daughter enjoy this colorful celebration. “Avigail had so much fun, and she was excited when the rainbow cake came out,” Noa told us. Alisa Winberger, an amazing baker, made this masterpiece, and all the layers were hidden underneath the vanilla buttercream frosting. When Avigail cut the cake open, the colors inside became a surprise for her. “Avigail’s name on the cake also looked like a rainbow. The cake was just perfect.”





Other than planning the rainbow party, Noa also threw a Mickey Mouse party and an Emoji party for her children. One tip that she gave to other parents was to decide on the party’s theme when the right time comes. “For little kids that are less than four years old, parents can just pick a theme for them. When they get a little older, it’d be best to consider their suggestions. But parents also need to be aware that kids tend to change their minds. They need to let their little ones know that the theme can’t be changed after a certain point.” 

An important tip when coming up with craft activity ideas, was to keep in mind the cleaning part. “If parents want to save time cleaning up the mess after the party, they can just order craft projects that would be easy to get rid of. Slime is one of the messiest things, and it’d be very hard to remove,” Noa said.




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Written by: Natalie Wong.

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