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Partify Spotlight: Ferdinand The Bull Cartoon Spanish Inspired Toddler Birthday Party

By Natalie Wong on July, 11 2019

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Natalie Wong

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Party at a Glance:

Who celebrated: Uliana and Leon celebrated for their son Aydan. 

Theme: Ferdinand The Bull 

Location: New York City


Aydan just celebrated his 2nd birthday, and his mother Uliana shared with Partify how she and her husband planned this amazing Ferdinand the Bull Cartoon Spanish party. Here are some unique ideas for an unforgettable tot birthday party! Read more to find out how Uliana baked the impressive Ferdinand cake.

“My son is in love with the Blue Sky Studios movie Ferdinand,” Uliana told us, “He would watch it repeatedly and laugh whenever the camera zooms in on Ferd’s face. So we realized right at the first laugh that his birthday party was gonna be Spanish flavored with a sculpted cake in the shape of Ferdinand.”


Uliana’s cake design skills from her previous job came in handy. Still, this twenty-layered confetti vanilla bean buttercream cake took her 30 hours to make. “I wanted to get as close as possible to the character of Ferdinand, so every detail mattered,” she said, “It is a fantastic experience for any child when his favorite cartoon character comes to life at his own party. It is even better when it’s a cake! But at the same time, my husband also realized he wouldn’t get me out of the kitchen for the next three days…”

The materials used for the cake were easy to prepare. The bull skin was made from a dark brown sugar dough. The horns, the roses and Aydan’s name tag were done in sugar paste. Uliana then painted Ferdinand’s eyes with edible blue pigment. Last but not least, the cake was finished with a fine sparkle mist of 24k edible gold. It was a labor of love. 

When the cake came out, compliments were pouring out from the crowd. No one could move their eyes away from the cake, which made Uliana’s face shine with pride and satisfaction.

“Actually, I was looking forward to my son’s reaction the most. Seeing your child so happy is all that a mother can wish for,” Uliana shared with us, “Aydan’s big eyes were shining with excitement. His surprised expressions when he recognized Ferdinand melted my heart.” 


Aside from baking the cake, Uliana also planned other activities to entertain the guests. 

“For us, another important aspect of putting this party together was to be able to pack in a lot of fun for the parents as well. It was our priority to let them take a break, relax, and enjoy a nice, cold adult beverage and some great Spanish tapas,” Uliana said, “we also hired a balloon artist to keep the kids busy for an hour while the parents got to socialize.”

As for the venue, Uliana and her husband almost turned the city upside down to find a place where the kids can have room to play while having a Spanish inspired vibe so that Ferdinand can feel like home. 

The place that eventually caught their attention was El Kallejon, a little gem hiding in the heart of the ever-changing Spanish Harlem. “The vibrant ambiance just take you right in,” Uliana told us, “and the best of all was an absolutely huge and gorgeous attached backyard where the little ones can enjoy playing outdoors!” 

Besides having a spacious backyard, El Kallejon also serves delicious Spanish/Mexican tapas. The owner is a dedicated chef with an artist’s spirit. “He went above and beyond to make it work for us on all aspects, from kids’ safety, financial considerations to menu designs,” Uliana said, “He took a lot of pride in making his establishment one of a kind, and he welcomed his guests personally.”



After selecting a suitable venue, Uliana then started visualizing what decorations will fit in with the overall atmosphere. 

“In the backyard, we set up a kids’ photo booth with inflatable musical instruments. The children were rockstars in the making,” Uliana smiled as she shared the photos with us, “They loved the colorful soft toys and the sparkle background as well, not to mention that the entire place was filled with balloons in the colors of the Spanish flag.”


In addition to the kids’ photo booth, Uliana also put a tea, coffee and juice station and a party favors area in the backyard. Each child got an inflatable instrument as a party favor and a handmade Ferdinand T-shirt. 

“It was crazy that we couldn’t find any stores to buy the shirts, so we had to make our own shirts,” Uliana said, “It was a first for me, but it turned out to be easy, and the shirts actually came out great. I just ordered the glitter iron-on stickers and followed the YouTube tutorial.”


Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 3.10.25 PM

Asked about next year's plans, “Whatever my son would be into next year, that will be the theme of the party,” Uliana said with excitement, “Oh yes, there will definitely be another fabulous cake for him. Amazing memory with my child is the best gift I can give or ask for.” A successful musician, a tech entrepreneur, a huge food lover --- Uliana is so many things but most importantly -- a wonderful mother.

Partify hopes this article can inspire all the other moms out there. Let’s get this party started!

Recommended Vendors: 

Venue: El Kallejon on E 117th St

Balloon Artist: Angela Carranza

Check out our Pinterest boards here for more Ferdinand The Bull party ideas.

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