Partify Spotlight: The Perfect Sugar Plum Fairy Party





Party at a Glance:

Who celebrated: Jennifer and Bradley Hunter celebrated for their daughter Hadley

How old: 1 - first birthday party!

Theme: Winter Wonderland Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy

Location: NYC, NY

Birthdays with TON of chic and inspiring decorations, usually mean that someone in the family is from the world of design. This is also true for Jennifer, an interior designer, whose stylish sense of decor made this fantasy Winter Wonderland Sugar Plum Fairy world come to life.



When Jennifer started planning the party, she looked at Pinterest for inspiration and Suger Plum Fairy ideas. “I knew right away that the nutcracker sugar plum fairy theme is exactly what I want. I envisioned an escape to a winter wonderland, that you come into the land the sweets filled with ballerina fairies. My daughter just started a ballet class and she loves it, so I wanted to incorporate that and I wanted a winter theme so it fit right in!”


“Naturally, we decided that a Ballet class would work well as entertainment for this type of party.  Being aware of nap time, I decided on 4 pm as the party’s starting time. I served snacks, vegetables and cheese. Since the theme was land of sweets - there was a candy bar, including nutcracker cookies decorated by a baker. I personally worked with her on the design. For the kids it was a sugar fest with candy and treats. They especially loved the cupcakes. We ended up not cutting the cake since every child got a cupcake. It was for the best since Cupcakes are easier for young kids to handle.”


“I started looking for items to design the table with a few months in advance. Every time I saw something on sale or that was a good fit, I bought it. From Michael’s to Pottery Barn, I bought big glass vases, jars and other items. I made sure these items would create different heights on the table. Everything was pink and gold, from straws and napkins to balloons.





“The biggest challenge was the balloon art. Standard Balloon companies quoted at thousands of dollars to make what I wanted. So I decided to go DIY style and bought the balloons on Etsy for $100. It is hard to do the DIY balloon art, actually, it took me over 6 hours of work. I think it was totally worth it as my daughter loved it and so did the other parents and kids.”



“This was a special celebration for our family. My grandma came and we were four generations of women, all of us are the first child of every generation in the family. Me, My mom Lisa Beek and Hadley’s great-grandmother Evelyn Brandt. Hadley had an amazing time, she was smiling the entire time.


The guests were mostly our friends and we had about 12-14 kids. Even the adults had fun and raided the candy bar. The playlist was a lot of Motown and current hits. It was important to keep in mind it’s not just a party for the kids.


After the party, Jennifer decided to offer all the leftover accessories on an online moms group. “I see posts that moms need ideas and help. It took me so much time and I had so many boxes of decor left, I knew it would make other moms very happy. I only kept one little cake topper for Hadley. A porcelain topper is our little memento.”


Recommended Vendors:

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Photography: Danielle Terrenzio

Rentals: Petit Seats

Baker: Joanna Newmann of La Dulce Baker

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