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Partify Spotlight: The Perfect Way to Celebrate a Girl’s Bat Mitzvah

By Natalie Wong on June, 26 2019

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Natalie Wong


Average reading time: 5-6 mins.

Party at a Glance:

Who celebrated: Rinat celebrated for her daughter Shai and Shai’s friend Ella. 

How old: Twelve!

Special Occasion: Bat Mitzvah

Location: Austin, Texas.


For those who are not familiar with Bat Mitzvah, it is not only the twelfth birthday of a girl but also a coming-of-age ceremony. Rinat, the mother of our birthday girl, threw a fantastic Bat Mitzvah filled with one creative activity after another, and she’s excited to share with Partify how she managed it!



Moving to Texas a year ago, Rinat led a busy life taking care of her four lovely children while starting a brand-new journey in Austin. Around five weeks before her daughter’s birthday, Rinat began to write down ideas about how to celebrate this important day of her daughter’s life. 

“I knew the party was going to be big, so I needed help from others,” Rinat said, “It would be too time-consuming to plan a party for over 80 people at my house.” 

Rinat heard about Partify from a friend and used our service to streamline the planning process and get a petting zoo and a magician for her party.
“The petting zoo was what my nine-year-old son enjoyed the most,” Rinat shared with us. While the children sat down with a small piece of blanket on their lap, a cute little animal (bunnies, turtles, guinea pigs, chicks, name it!) was given to each of them, awaiting their caressing.
The petting zoo was so unique that some adults participated in this stress-relieving activity as well. The petting zoo team kept everything clean and organized for Rinat. There were fences to separate the animals so that they wouldn’t run around in the backyard.

Besides the petting zoo, Rinat also hired a magician. He played several tricks with coins and cards, entertaining the crowd. The coolest one was creating illusions, which mesmerized everyone at the party. 

Other than using Partify, Rinat’s friends also inspired her to stuff the party with engaging group projects. 

“My friend told me that I could buy spray chalk and let the kids decorate our fences,” Rinat told us, “It was easy to remove afterward, and they had so much fun drawing names and different shapes” (if you want an online option, click here).


Similar to decorating the fence, Rinat also got some solid color balloons for the guests to write on them. “It was a unique way for the other kids to say something special to the birthday girls,” Rinat said, “everyone loved the idea, and they let go of the balloons to the sky after they told the message to the girls. It was heart-warming.” 

Other entertainment, such as blowing bubbles and playing bingo games to win prizes, also kept the guests busy. “There was always something to do,” Rinat said, “and that was what kept the party alive.”


A lively party always requires a lot of work from the planner. While Rinat pulled everything together, she appreciated Partify’s help with connecting to amazing services. 

“I hired Zeibaphotography and a Day-of-the-Event Planner from Partify as well,” Rinat said, “the photographer captured all the memorable moments from the party, while the planner set the tables for the guests and helped us clean the house afterward. All the vendors arrived on time and knew what they were doing. They were professional and prompt.” 

This time, Rinat could actually relax and enjoy the party herself. If you’re interested in planning party, try our one-click free online service to plan your next party. 



Recommended Vendors:

Entertainment: Tiny Tails To You (Petting Zoo), MagicKid (Magician)

Photographer: ZeibaPhotography 

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