5 Experts’ Tips for DIY Kids Birthday Parties


 Anything from finding a location to cake ideas, our party planners share our 5 best tips for DIY solutions that will help you save costs and turn your child’s party into a memorable event.

1. Location – Location – Location! Before deciding to spend hundreds of dollars on throwing a birthday party at a trendy Gymboree or lavish event space, you can consider other options. Your own place, the building’s party room, or a local dance/yoga studio are great alternatives, and if you do it right, the result could be extremely impressive. Remember – the money saved by using a free or economical kids party place could be invested in beautiful decorations, activities, and treats that will turn your party into a memorable experience for both the kids and their parents.


2. Go Digital! Recent surveys indicate that over 70% of parents still do not use online platforms to plan birthdays, book vendors, or shop for favors and party supplies. You can use Evite to send invitations, shop for supplies on Amazon or Oriental-trading, order catering on Ezcater, or plan your party and book all the services in one click with Partify.  

3. DIY Decorations and Party Supplies: There are endless ideas of DIY decorations online. Just pick a theme and look at Pinterest for DIY birthday table ideas, decorations and snacks. If you have the time, you can make amazing things yourselves. For example, you can buy special balloons on Etsy and prepare really original balloon decorations. Take a look at our Party Spotlight blog to read more about how Jennifer Hunter did it for her daughter Hadley’s birthday. If creativity is not your strongest side, simply buy a Photo backgrounds on Amazon that matches the party theme or set up a boz of fun props and ask one of your friends to take pics of parents with their kid on their smartphones.


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4. Arts and Crafts Activity: Kids don’t need much facilitation to have fun with each other. Sure, you can always book a professional entertainer, but a DIY arts and crafts activity can be just as fun and gives you the opportunity to get a little messy and stir up the creative juices. To make your life easier, you can hire a Partify Day-of Event Planner and ask them to facilitate the activity. This will also allow the moms and dads to take a break from the youngsters to chat and chill with each other.

For the little ones (2-5), all you need is some paper, paint, stickers, and safe scissors. If you want to be extra creative and you can live with a little bit of a mess, covering a wall with paper and letting the kids paint all over it is also a great idea.

For the older kids (5-12), a painting party is a great opportunity to get a little messy and have lots of fun. During the summer, you can take the party outdoors and let the kids use the nature around them as a source of inspiration.


5.  Make a semi-homemade cake. Baking the birthday cake with your child can be an amazing experience! Are you afraid of baking? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Red Velvet makes gourmet baking super fun and easy with DIY baking kits. The ingredients are pre-measured, the recipes are easy to follow, and the result is really impressive. All in all, it guarantees a fulfilling – and yummy - baking experience.
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