Partify Spotlight Baby's First Birthday Theme Party

Partify Spotlight: Leo’s Wild One Birthday Party

By Natalie Wong on July, 23 2019

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Natalie Wong


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Party at a Glance:

Who celebrated: Adi and Yitzhak for their son Leo 

Age: 1st birthday party

Theme: The Wild One

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.04.34 PM

Adi and Yitzhak threw a fantastic wild first birthday party for their son Leo. Adi was excited to share with us how she planned an intimate party with stylish decorations. Read more to find out some great one-year-old party ideas. 

“It was just a small gathering of close friends and family because we didn’t want to overwhelm Leo with a large crowd,” Adi said, “nor did we plan any activities for the guests. We live in New York, and our families are in Israel. We felt that the main attraction should be catching up and spending time with families.” Though there were only a few guests, the joyful ambience took them right in. The closeness between them made the party shine.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.04.57 PM

The party was planned around Leo’s favorite storybook -- Where the Wild Things Are. “We read it every night before he goes to sleep,” Adi told us. The book is about how a boy named Max sails to an island and intimidates the malicious beasts there. While the “Wild One” and jungle styling came from the book, Adi picked gold and green as the theme’s colors. 

Having those two colors in mind, Adi purchased the letter balloons, star-shaped balloons, and artificial palm leaves on Amazon. Those dazzling decorations brightened up the whole place. “Those things immediately made my house have a jungle feel to it. I also ordered the customized paper plates from Zazzle, which allows you to design the plates yourself. It was a big hit! Everyone how the plates have Leo’s name on it.” Adi shared with us.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.05.10 PM

“We also had different kinds of pastries, quiches, pasta, and salads at the party. My family helped me make all the colorful snacks from scratch, and my sister got the cake for Leo from a local bakery. It was a chocolate cake with vanilla icing.” Although preparing for the food was time-consuming, it was quite enjoyable when the whole family finished it together. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.08.10 PM

Adi also recommended throwing the party during the afternoon. “We had the party in the evening, and it was too late for Leo. He went to sleep after less than an hour and missed out half of his own party.” On the other hand, Adi encouraged other parents to have fun at their own parties instead of stressing over the details. “The hosts should try to delegate some responsibilities to others instead of doing everything all by themselves,” Adi said. 

Many mothers may have the urge to take care of everything before and after the party, but they should enjoy the party and let someone else help them when they feel overwhelmed. Partify’s one-click free service gives mothers a stress-free party planning experience. A perfect party for kids can be organized within days instead of weeks. 

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Many children were at the party and celebrated Leo’s birthday. “The kids who came to the party helped me with the decorations and played with their friends,” Adi told us. When all the guests started singing happy birthday, one of them lightened up some sparklers to entertain Leo. “Leo was surprised and loved the attention from them. It was rewarding to see him enjoy the celebration.”

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