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5 Tips to Host an Amazing Party in a Small NYC Apartment

By Partify Team on May, 24 2019

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Partify Team

Your child’s birthday is quickly approaching, and you want to ensure you plan the best party ever. Although venues and large spaces are great for children’s parties, you can still plan a fun and cozy party in your own apartment. Here are some tips to guarantee you make the most of the space you have to plan a fantastic birthday bash.

1. Rearrange and Get Creative with Furniture

A good way to make the most out of your space is to reorganize and move around furniture in order to have more room playing or chatting. Feel free to get creative in the process. This can be as simple as using pillows and comfy blankets for seating. Coffee tables would work very well when seated at this height and will be a lot more efficient. You could also push some tables and furniture to the walls so that there is more space in the center of the room for talking and playing.

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2. Keep Invite List Small and Intimate

Bigger does not always mean better. Consider inviting a smaller number of kids and their parents. Some helpful advice is to add 1 to your child’s age and invite that number of kids. For example, if your child is turning 3, invite 4 kids to the party. This will allow the party to be more enjoyable to the guests so that there is enough space for everyone to celebrate comfortably. The party will still be lots of fun, and your child will enjoy the celebration. Think about it as a large and extra special play date.


3. Spread Out Snacks and Make Activity Stations

Another great way to make the most efficient use of your space is to set up designated areas for playing and any other fun activities you may have planned out. If you have a smaller kitchen, consider a buffet style for food or even finger foods. By spreading out the food, this will prevent too many people in one area at once and encourage a nice flow of traffic.


4. Coats/Bags in Their Own Separate Area

In order to maximize the amount of space for the party, try to designate a bedroom where guests may leave their coats or other belongings. You want to avoid these items taking up precious space from couches or other sitting areas. Consider investing in a basic, collapsible coat rack as an alternative. These work great in a pinch and could neatly hold all coats and bags.


5. Get Creative with Decorations and Themes

Now comes the fun part. Since you are saving on cost by using your own space, you can allocate more of your budget to fun decorations. An apartment is easier to decorate than a large venue since there is less space which allows for easier execution of creative ideas and themes. DIY decorations are an excellent way to bring some personality to your intimate party setting. For some inspiration on themes and DIY decorations, check out featured parties on our blog!


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