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Partify Kids Party Planning Quick Guide

By Tiffeny Chen on March, 29 2020

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Tiffeny Chen

Confused about how to get a Partify party package?  It's just 3 quick steps:


First: Take our Event Quiz 

Event Quiz

Go through a few short questions and let us know what exactly you need to make your dream birthday party happen.

Remember, everything you answer doesn't need to be finalized. You can still make changes later in the process.


  • For the best party planning experience, try planning at least a month in advance of your desired party date. Partify has helped plan birthday parties in less than a week (so don't worry if you're a bit behind the standard planning timeline). By planning ahead, there is a greater chance that the vendor you love will be available for your party date.
  • Make sure to select all potential services that you are considering for the birthday party in the event quiz. That way we'll match you with vendors that you can decide to book or not. But if you don't ask for it, we won't be able to recommend it to you.


Second: Review Your Party Plan 

Party Offer

Yay! You've made it to the next step. After completing our event quiz, we will generate a customized party package for you and send it to your email (in less than 24 hours!). 

Choose which vendors you love by pressing "Request to Book" and we will navigate with them regarding their booking availability and your party needs.  

If you are unsatisfied with your party package, we will keep working with you until we get the package right. Tell us to send more ideas with feedback on what your vision looks like and we will send a revised party package as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions or want to speak with someone on the Partify team, your party package page has a link to schedule a call. Let us know if there is anything you are unsure about and we will find the solutions for any problems. 


  • If you are anxious about the party, please let us know. You can arrange a phone call with your personal Partify Planner. Or if you want immediate help, leave a message in our chat bot and someone on the Partify team should respond in 5 minutes or less. We want to make this process as stress free as possible, let us find the best solution for you. 




Third: Book and Order Party Package 


Third Step! Almost there! 

We will arrange with the party vendors on all the specific details that your party requires from party address to number of guests, we've got it covered. If the vendor is available and able to match all of your needs, we will send you a package for you to book the vendors. No need to go back and forth, we'll handle all communications, including reminders a few days before the event. 


  • If you are happy with the vendors in your party package, make sure to book as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more you will fall in love with the vendors that you have chosen and the greater the chance that they might become unavailable during your party dates. Finish the party planning process successfully by booking earlier.


Then, Enjoy the Party!  


Congratulations, you have finished all pre-party preparations. We hope that your birthday party is the dream that you envisioned come to life. 


  • Stressed about the day of the party? We know that the actual party can be full of logistics even after making all the proper preparations. We can help with that. Check out our Day of the Event Planner service, a helper that makes sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the party. From set up to clean up, we'll be by your side solving any party mishaps so you can enjoy with your family and guests.

Excited to get started? So are we. Start planning your birthday party celebration by completing our event quiz now: 


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